If you don’t have this Jazz lick in your bag of tricks yet, I highly encourage you to get it down in 12 keys as soon […] Read the rest of this entry… The origins and the first recording of the lick are not very clear. April 13, 2009 by What a great “lightbulb ” moment. In the video montage of “The Lick”, in the very first example, when I heard it, I had an instant recognition of it. There’s a lot of really nice bebop vocabulary on almost every beat. It’s a great play-along product. THE JAZZ GUITAR CHORD DICTIONARY (FREE eBOOK). I hope you enjoy! Continue reading... Their ain't nothin' wrong with being a copy cat, as long as you copy the right Cat. I’m a beginner. 48 jazz guitar licks and lessons in the style of many great jazz guitarists. How many jazz improvisers construct a completely original solo? I love this lick because not only is it simple but it’s got some really nice concepts that you’ll be able to model and take into your own playing too. Thank you. George Winston Linus and Lucy (Charlie Brown/Peanuts) 2002 Norah Jones Dont Know Why . Here is the all famous Cry Me a River Jazz lick. Grand Central. This seemingly short little lesson has had me woodshedding for days!!! //-->. Because the construction of these chords is symmetrical, there are only 3 diminished options: a stack of minor 3rds from C, from C#, and from D.That’s it – the pattern just repeats itself. Licks are short musical phrases, usually played over the context of a chord or chord progression. WP GPL modified by Jazz Trumpet Licks © It is heard all over the Jazz world by every famous Jazz musician in some variation or another. Diminished, Tricks & Quotes, This is a well known Jazz lick you hear a lot of Jazz artists play in different variations. I've put them all in the key of C or F for demonstration purposes. Dexter also […] Read the rest of this entry… Click here to listen a normal speed and slowed down recording of this lick on YouTube. Charlie Christian Licks. This lick is worth taking outside of this larger pattern and working in 12 keys as it can be a highly effective way to bring jazz vocabulary to your solos. Check out the list below to see if your favorite Wes solo made the top 10. It really is a fun lick to use in your improvised solos. Here are a few tricks guaranteed to spice up any pentatonic-based jazz solo. II V I Lick 4. Do any of you suggest me some subject to start? Blues and Jazz are two genres that share the same roots and have a lot of things in common. When learning jazz licks, it can be tempting to learn the line and then recite it in your guitar solos over the correct chords. While this might not be his most famous tune, this solo has one over the hearts of jazz guitarists around the world. Keep on the great lessons, I’ll be following. The lick then goes into a new melody, melody 2, as Wes completes the four-bar phrase. I’ve not only heard it in literally hundreds of songs and improvs but I’ve been playing it for years without any knowledge of “The Lick” being a cliche. You can pick styles, tempos, etc. May 09, 2009 by Here is the all famous Cry Me a River Jazz lick. Amazing stuff fellas, very straight forward, fun and enjoyable to learn, Thanks so much guys keep up it ! Take a one or two bar phrase and transpose it to all 12 keys. Steve will break down these jazz piano riffs for you. Thank you for your explanation. #1 Fast Bebop. I have just bought the jazz blues book and before starting with it, I’m looking at the beginners lessons. (Valve Trombone, 1) CANNONBALL ADDERLEY. Not playing the V (G7), but staying on the ii (Dm7) is something that occurs often in bebop. To finish off my top 5 blues guitar riffs, here is the classic T-Bone intro to ‘Stormy Monday’. Posted on There are cool Jazz trumpet videos and Jazz trumpet solos as well [...] ii V7 I,