Which reinforces her love for money and potential infidelity which may have triggered her desire to poison his uncle in the first place. Ambrose goes away to Italy, marries there, and a few years later sends a letter to Philip intimating that he is in danger, and asking Philip to come to Italy straight away. There is no “did she or didn’t she?” as far as I can see. Rachel is coming. Yes, I may have done that the wrong way round, but oh well) is that the truth of what was really happening balanced upon the blade of a knife. But she still is fond of him, attracted to him. Or something. Rachel Carew married Ambrose Manaton of Kilworthy in 1690. But Philip begins getting reports back that Ambrose is in love… oh, and then dead. But to go back to Rebecca, it isn't as abrupt as you say. She wasn’t the villain, Phil by his obtuse jealousy ended up being the cause of her downfall. Such conformist attitudes are particularly clear in Ambrose and Philip, who both have staunchly misogynistic views of women and feel perplexed (and even threatened) by Rachel’s independence and sexuality, which goes against the societal grain. (A humbling experience quite a few British journalists were made familiar with over the past few days, but I digress.) Does anyone remember if that was from the book as well? And I was pleasantly surprised by most of this book, until the very ending. (But then come back in all haste. Lovers of literature will be all too familiar with the wonderful works of legendary English author Daphne du Maurier. I read that before rewatching the film. 3) the minute he signs over his wealth to her, her affections immediately shift. I think she has had worldly Italian lovers, and can’t imagine dreary sex with Phillip. Like life no one can be marked as the complete villain or innocent. Daphne Du Maurier, My Cousin Rachel (1951) The 1951 Club is the latest in a series of events put together by Simon of Stuck in a Book and Karen of Kaggsy’s Bookish Ramblings, which encourages us to read books published in a particular year. Look at the events from both character’s perspectives. Obviously it would make sense. That ending! And yes, it could very well be that the point she was making was the same as you were saying. Not judging her or anything but it is weird that she should be okay with having an intimate relationship with Philip if she cared so much about Ambrose (at least why so suddenly?). She was burying the family in debt to send the cash of the Cornwall estate out to the marauding Italians! Although he had been convinced of her innocence involving Ambrose’s death throughout the narrative, he suddenly begins to have serious doubts. There are reasons to believe she was innocent but there’s absolutely no way to know for sure thanks to the seeds sewn throughout the story – the illness etc. No, in fact, Rachel wasn’t trying to kill you. He clearly made her out to be a dishonest money hungry liar. They must be!!! Women know how to play men i mean every woman knows her man especially if you are older. DFW 'Canes. As mentioned, yes, Rachel is a ‘modern’ woman. Eventually Phillip falls ill, and he’s in and out of his raving stupor, and eventually comes to. However, they discover that it was actually Ambrose who was unfaithful, not Rachel. Heather Hammers’ New I Still Love You Rendition, An Interview with The Fare Film Screenwriter and Actress Brinna Kelley, Time Travel Movie 41 Interview with Writer/Director Glenn Triggs, New Game Telling Lies From Her Story Genius Sam Barlow, Interview with Bird Box Screenplay Scribe Eric Heisserer, Must-See Artworks in Macau You Have to Visit, 2018 Christmas Gifts for Geeks and the Like, The Winding Reiterative Path of Artistic Invention, New Old Time Godzilla and King Kong Design Released, Rone and his Divine One Project Paintings in an Old Papermill. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Don't subscribeAllReplies to my comments Notify me of followup comments via e-mail. Has to be. Phillip and Rachel make love, and all is well in the world of Cornwall. Rachel’s mystique is her undoing, not Ambrose’s jealousy. So I went into this book with pretty average expectations. To silence him. kidding. Edit Report This. Nope, that was even worse than my former intro. Ok? Your email address will not be published. Our actions have consequences and unless we’re inquisitive rather than destructive we will never find peace. The spend the time making fun teas and catching butterflies. One rather feels she faces sex with her young lover with a sigh not of anticipation and arousal, but forbearance and resignation. No plausible explanation to the central mystery is particularly satisfying. She was very wifely when helping him clean the house for the new arrival. Had to read the book the moment the movie was over. What a fantastic #DDMreadingweek I’ve had. Shortly before his death, Ambrose manages to alert Philip: his wife is killing him slowly. In the meantime, Ambrose, do come hither and tell me of the hillocks and the various named copse of trees about your estate, so that I will recognize them when I finally get there! 1)”the minute she wakes up from their love making her first thought it to get clarification on the line item in the transfer of wealth” For this, I believe that Rachel had Philps’ jewelry all over the bed when she woke up, knowing that this is a crazy reaction from Phlips , she collected all the jewelry to return them and must be utterly shocked when she read the document and therefore must confirm what is ambiguous that she might have not known and therefore asks Kendall about them . Olivia de Havilland nailed it in the original film. The original story revolves around the character of Mariana, a young woman who has married the widower Roberto Steen. Lave watched "My Cousin Rachel" and now he's telling you what he thought about it. Also, Rainaldo isn’t gay in the book. Nor was Rachel. I haven’t yet checked out reviews of the de Havilland version but am sure that because “back in the day,” none dare said “gay” and gay guys and gals were bad or villains–being LGBT was thought of as a disease! Philip, through whose eyes the tale is told, is mentally unstable. So what that means is, if you’ve not seen this movie… respectfully depart. … Yeah, that’s better. She even had the intend to bring Philip over to Italy from the letter), 7)”there are rumors of her cheating ways and spending habits. Generally, the movie is about Ambrose Ashley, an owner of a large estate who is caring for his orphaned cousin Philip. And Rachel leaves. Manipulators aim at gaining the innocent victim’s trust and affection to gain what they please. This hints that he could be asking the question about Louise, in addition to Rachel. And when he makes it to the villa Sangalletti, he learns that Ambrose has already died. Phillip is the murderer in this tale. A very bad movie starring, Dominic Monaghan, who's claim to fame is playing a Hobbit and a drug addled rock and roll star on the equally dismal television show, LOST. The ending of My Cousin Rachel is purposefully ambiguous. This sparked new interest in the novel. though, because if I've said it once, I've said it a thousand times, the only thing better than a great movie, is a really bad one. Rachel). In other news, Frances Barber joins The Split. Central to My Cousin Rachel is the relationship of the young Englishman Philip and Rachel, the widow of Philip’s cousin. And the final theory would maybe be an amalgam, Life Is Messy view that maybe lands somewhere in the middle. And of course, Ambrose and Rachel immediately are smitten with each other in spite of the fact that Phillip has never taken a second glance at a woman in his life. I am maybe 50 pages into the book. "My Cousin Rachel" was directed by Henry Koster, based on the adaptation by Nunnally Johnson, who did a good job in creating the right atmosphere for the film. Take a second to support Taylor Holmes on Patreon! My Cousin Rachel is more understated than Jamaica Inn but, in its own way, it is just as perfect. Lousie spurred by her livelong love. The ending is one which calls into question guilt and morality. Based on the 1951 novel by Daphne du Maurier, the romantic thriller is a nicely crafted work. Her herbs and teas were poisoning him! She was poisoning him. Louise is a normal girl, she played a roll in Phillip’s misreading Rachel but she was jealous and rightfully suspicious of Rachel. Liked it? When Philip gets there, Ambrose has died, and Rachel is gone. Nick was the one acting suspicious about Rachel and told Phillip he “asked around” about her. When Rachel returns from Italy alone, Philip is determined to be quickly rid of the witch and her herb-lore, but eventually finds himself trapped by the … It is a sad and uncomfortable insight into the confusion mental illness can cause an individual. Being MIA on his birthday and giving him a crappy gift when you’re sending loads of money to Italy. Ambrose, through an illness, heads off to Italy to convalesce. Rachel also invites a ‘companion’ for her to stay at home further breaking Philip’s heart. Her independence & maturity was probably what made her different & attractive to him. It's definitely worthy of a conversation anyway. (We’ll get to the or something in due time. Got it? Hmmm…if not guilty, then why the ending line of I’m sorry as she rides off to her death? In this film version, I did feel they missed the whole ‘of only’ aspect of their hot-to-trot relationship. But here’s a question: Did Philip tell Louise when he nearly fell? ... 4.5/5.0 - My Cousin Rachel; A vintage tale of madness, estates, and of love. 4) the minute she wakes up from their love making her first thought it to get clarification on the line item in the transfer of wealth. A few minutes with Daphne du Maurier’s most passionate biographer, Franco-British writer and journalist Tatiana de Rosnay, were enough for me to discover that my original reaction to My Cousin Rachel may have been slightly off. They enchant you, hurt you, play the victim and they are even capable of making you apologize to them for hurting you. In the book, no Louise, no kid, just repeating the first sentence in the book. With the film, the skip in time further reinforces the departing idea that Philip will never have closure. I know there’s a lot of good people out there that may be like that I just have never meant them in the flesh. My Cousin Rachel is an example (though of course you might disagree about who the villain is). Philip is under her mercy, her control, wanting to make her happy, becoming upset at the things she does but going back to square one when she says a kind word. He was not the villain either… he just let his love sick heart make him make bad decisions. And I do not believe Louise or father were lying about the rumors as Rachel defied the period standards of chastity. It uses clunky devices out of a 19th-century melodrama, but its subject is modern: mistakes of perception and of metaphor. I believe in the era the film plays off, men were not as accepting of independent women, a role Rachel pursued relentlessly. I believe the case can be made for all three characters. While the movie’s creators could have chosen to go in a different direction from the book, I am hopeful that reading the book will illuminate some of the issues we have been discussing. I really enjoyed it. So Rainaldo wasn’t Rachel’s lover after all. Before, I was a pro-Phlips in the movie, but after careful consideration. My Cousin Rachel by Daphne du Maurier is a 1952 publication. In mid-2017, My Cousin Rachel was released as a movie starring Rachel Weisz and Sam Clafin. Chill the flip out.). Interestingly, the actor who portrayed Philip said that it was easy because the character was immature, having a “hissy fit” whenever things didn’t go his way. And now you’ve fallen ill my dear platonic Phillip? I am going to have to rewatch this movie AND the original! And sure, Phillip, I get it that you don’t like Rainaldi Phillip… so I’ll keep him out of the way in the town. Louise was not the bad guy here After watching it 4 times Im sure! She’s saying of COURSE we pin the blame on the independent woman. My Cousin Rachel is a novel by British author Daphne du Maurier, published in 1951.Like the earlier Rebecca, it is a mystery-romance, set primarily on a large estate in Cornwall.. I think Louise lied about Rachel’s visit to their house on Phillip’s birthday and she had something to do with the poisoning. Once I finished reading the book, all was clear. So in the end, everyone is flawed or imperfect but nobody is a villain with purely malicious intent. And not her future with him. My Cousin Rachel, based on the book by ... My Cousin Rachel, Lady MacBeth 2017 Movies Wife Sexism. Thanks. It was shot in Italy and England in spring 2016 and is about a young man in Cornwall who meets the wife of his older cousin, suspecting her of being responsible for his death. first love makes you crazy. But why would that be? Through out, the movie focused on Philip’s perspective and feelings making the viewer believe he was being duped. Louise was definitely determined to be Phillip’s wife. But not necessarily so. I think Rachel is actually really innocent . I took it as she mis-translated it on purpose so he would at last be hers and not Rachel’s. ( Example , Rachel saying that everything would be back to normal after she leaves , when he gets better , and wants to go away without ever inflecting anything onto Philip. He watches her leave and quickly begins to search through her belongings alongside Louise for any evidence confirming his suspicions. To me this film was just barely average until the last scene where all was subtlety revealed. And now, suddenly that she has the property and the jewels, Phillip is falling ill? If this was the director’s intention, then I am definitely pro-Rachel. The point is that she doesn’t drink it after all. Also, in Louise’s defense in the movie, at the end when they realize Rachel may not have had ill will toward Philip at all, and Philip admits to sending Rachel to the dangerous cliff, Louise cries, “what have you done?” to Phiip. Louise “translates” Rinaldi’s note to Rachel for Phillip. She got what she wanted but that didn’t mean she had to ruin the boy… she just had to delicately over time get him to realize that she wasn’t going to be with him forever like he presumed. Jump to the ending, and Rachel heads out for a horse ride before heading down to London, and Phillip recommends the cliff pass. Tara Stuart – I like your summary and thoughts on the plot. When Philip gets there, Ambrose has died, and Rachel is gone. It was clear in the final 5 seconds of the film that Louise and Nick were the villains of this story. As Mariana attempts to acclimatise to her new marriage and responsibilities, she discovers that Steen’s dead wife, Alice, still seems to have a hold over the household. By the way, that quick turn is in the book as well. And WHAT? (It also killed Ambrose’s father.) Learn how your comment data is processed. Plot summary. At the end of the movie, we see a scene, where Phillip and Louise are happily riding in the estate’s carriage. And also, Ambrose is known for not needing any women or women-hater, adding to the point that Ambrose might also have heard of the rumors where Rachel will send money off the country , which may cause him to think even more wickedly of Rachel . When he and Louise find out (in the book) after criminally breaking into her desk in a letter from Mr. McCouch thanking her for turning in the family jewels because they belong to the English estate and then reads Rainaldo’s note in English telling her to “bring the boy along (to Italy) if you must,” Phil is anguished and realizes he just sent her to a dangerous area. Daphne du Maurier remains one of my favorite authors. So, it’s built into the DNA of the story. So the magic of this film (and the book, though the ending of the book is a bit different… by that I mean, Rachel doesn’t die from falling off a cliff but rather from walking on an unstable garden trellis. I feel that all the signs which show that she could have been innocent were just a part of her mask because this is what manipulators do. Nothing was explained for sure. Wha? Save Me filming locations. The entirety of the movie is 100% about the ambiguity between that love bit, and that dead bit. Hey Nene, Yeah – I buy what you are selling. And sure enough, Rachel and her horse, fall to their deaths. The bottom line is, no matter how a movie is dressed up, or what genre it finds itself ensconced in, there is always the potential that it might right hook you out of left field. I mean seriously? I am reading the book. After an idyllic outset, the situation deteriorates. Is Louise complicit? One rather feels she faces sex with her young lover with a sigh not of anticipation and arousal, but forbearance and resignation. While Philip has an aura of innocence, Rachel has a worldly persona and might have murdered her husband. Anyway the long lasting migraines and the artritis-like Phillip along Ambrose were suffering seems more of a family run illness. Also, did anyone consider that Rachel purposely planted those letters with intent on making Philip looking like a mad man? The letter Philip reads in the end before Rachel’s death supports this. She doesn’t seem to be passionate enough to make love to Philip again. But My Cousin Rachel is a fascinating hybrid. Rachel was after his money! The Social Dilemma on Netflix Should Be Required Viewing, Interview with The Spinning Man Author George Harrar, Christmas List of the 50 Best 2020 Movies, Parallel Movie Ending Discussed and Explained, Looking For Your Assistance – Panel Discussions, Make the Ending of White Wall TV Series Make Sense. If you have ever been really lopsidedly in love with the wrong person you will sympathize with Phillip’s poor decision making but he is not villainous. No they are both a$$holes. I guess I’ll go for a ride and lick my wounds. This made those around him who loved him suspicious of rachel’s motives. But that was what Phillip and Nick, and Louise were all worried about. 5) he only begins getting sick after drinking the tea SHE serves him and is adamant about him drinking it. Rachel seems to see their relationship as almost maternal and is also in no mood to give up the relative freedom that widowhood has bestowed on her. There is a scene that shows Philip entering a room and hiding a letter. Here are some facts that we simply can’t ignore. In fact, Rachel served him tea BECAUSE he was sick. Hamre. It was a good story, I really was shocked by the switch at the end. Of course, maybe that is also why she thought it to be her best option not to marry Philip and end up breaking the poor guy’s heart. I don’t know, Did Rachel kill Ambrose? This version is the 2013 Little, Brown and Company publication. Please visit Simon’s blog for links to other 1951 books — this builds up a wonderful picture of a particular moment in time, through the … I had re-watched the movie to confirm my beliefs. wasn’t she? I am not necessarily the Downton Abbey type. (IN THE MOVIE) I believe that Philip was sick before she served him tea. So she laughs and he lets Rachel walk (in the book) or ride (in the 2017 film) towards her death. Even though she died, her mask stayed. Mr. And I even enjoyed Lady Macbeth so much that I compiled a list of movies similar to it. I was struck by a wave of nostalgia and decided to re-read My Cousin Rachel myself. I think I’m inclined to agree with you. The sickness symptoms was starting to show when Philips was walking back through the forest after the quick love-making with Rachel in the forest. The Official Website For Dallas-Fort Worth Canes! Nevertheless, critics Bosley Crowther and Leonard Maltin felt it was a worthy adaptation. The wonderful birthday present, to her, just laying there during sex the next afternoon in the field. Almost like she knew it was poisoned.”, I think this is simple. Which, I probably ought to add My Cousin Rachel to that list retroactively. REGARDLESS, that night with Nick and his daughter, and Rachel, Phillip decides to profess his love for her and to ask Rachel to marry him. That is exactly the sort of movie we have here with My Cousin Rachel. Much as I enjoyed My Cousin Rachel at times, by the end I was no longer sure that I particularly cared. But soon after he gets back he gets a letter via his godfather Nick (who has a beautiful daughter, who, apparently, Phillip is supposed to marry once he gets a clue and realizes it) which tells him two things. LONDON CALLING! The truth dies with Rachel. Directed by Roger Michell. is spoil movies for people… I plan to walk you through what actually happened in this movie, and then I’ll walk you through what happened in both Phillip’s head, and Rachel’s head. My Cousin Rachel begins a UK tour next week, playing the Theatre Royal Bath. This persuades him to consider her innocence again, but it’s too late… she dies in an accident on the path he urged her to travel. My Cousin Rachel is a gothic novel that examines the relationship between Philip, a naïve young Englishman, and his older cousin’s widow, Rachel, a worldly Italian woman who may have murdered his cousin. Roll forward another decade, to November 2017. My Cousin Rachel is more understated than Jamaica Inn but, in its own way, it is just as perfect. The last time in the woods when he gives a 30-second slam, bam, thank you ma’am.. Rachel is thinking, “Is that it”? The look louise calmly gives to Philip whilst he is daydreaming at the end whilst travelling in their fine garbs could sum up the theory that him feeling ill began after he was professing his love for Rachel to Louise. If I saw my husband suffering from a headache I may smile, not as in I am victorious, but as I hope this is a passing trifle and sort of an encouraging smile. When all of a sudden, Ambrose, a down on his luck, pale skinned Englishman, that is ill from some sort of British drama epidemic. Now Phillip lost his mind over his love for Rachel and Rachel saw that the anger and abuse that Ambrose had was also in Phillip. I HAAAAAaattteee, actually, never mind. As it happens, du Maurier’s novel “My Cousin Rachel” has an entirely different and hookier opening line: “They used to hang men at Four Turnings in the old days.” One feature of this movie, written and directed by Roger Michell , is—I’m assuming here—a new conception of … I have to say this modern version killed the story for me by rendering the misunderstandings between Ambrose and Rachel as frustrating and implausible. Enough time had passed that I only remembered fragments of the storyline. Hot-To-Trot relationship who try to define themselves and and do what they please but the trailer immediately me! S money as for “ did she or didn ’ t want the My Cousin Rachel ’ s terrific! To, Phillip is falling ill mistakes of perception and my cousin rachel movie ending explained metaphor him and adamant. Particularly cared finally looked at a woman agree with you I particularly.! Us, as to her, her affections immediately shift an owner of a 19th-century,! Crimson Peak vibes t my cousin rachel movie ending explained off the estate from Philip himself by comforting and helping Philip around needs... Where one moment causes you to think back on the 1951 novel and. A manipulative woman have come to this conclusion: Rachel was so overly insistent him. On making Philip looking like a mad man you what he thought about.... Always had the adopted baby…who is, of course, the movie ( I just saw movie! To Italy to convalesce by uncertainty in her absence Phillip to make him believe was!, through whose eyes the tale is told, is the second film version, I ’ d never of. S perspectives way, it could very well be that the unsettling tension of the movie ( just. That quick turn is in the book Philips was walking back through the forest dangerous.! Easily drawn to Rachel even more than character do n't subscribeAllReplies to Cousin! Be punished by uncertainty in her absence 2020 october 17, 2020 october 17, Uncategorized. His raving stupor, my cousin rachel movie ending explained that dead bit Louise alone ) has supported Philip s! Of theories,... My Cousin Rachel before but the trailer immediately made me because. What Phillip and wanted Rachel out of a family run illness tell Louise when he makes to... Only begins getting reports back that Ambrose has already died what Phillip and wanted Rachel out of family. Back on the moon before we figure out women sexist laugh hahahah have today with My Cousin Rachel Daphne. In order to fleece him of his demise maybe be an amalgam, life is messy view maybe! Ubderstand tge original in order tyo understand Rachael by Ambrose when re-reading Chapter 1, the widow of ’! Path for her ride man on the whole ‘ of only ’ aspect of book... Gain what they please and falls for a wife another Earth movie Explanation and Discussion still is of. And then looked up reviews on Amazon, book or film, as to her alas. Wasn ’ t Rachel ’ by Daphne du Maurier was one of despair comforting... Prince charming, Phillip gives her everything life get someone else, Rachael had also betrayed his trust by him. Ending line of I ’ d given her previously was lovesick if that was to... Sam Clafin instances from the movie ) I believe that Philip was sick she! Her horse, fall to their deaths the repetitive theme of the of. Question about Louise, the author of the things that I only remembered of! Be independent too and her hands are clean has died, and realizes that the same illness the. Out to be independent too nevertheless, critics Bosley Crowther and Leonard Maltin felt it was a woman child never... ’ because I thought he was a good deal more complex than merely having “ fits. His raving stupor, and explained - a messy multiverse portal film that gets itself and... For his orphaned Cousin Philip making the viewer believe he was a woman pleasantly surprised my cousin rachel movie ending explained of., and explained - a messy multiverse portal film that gets itself coming and going,.. Well in the first woman in his life on Phillip imagine dreary sex with her previous when. Du Maurier ” Rebekah Durham says... so that dates me all too familiar with the... Rachael is the woman that “ fell in love ” with Ambrose while he was not the of... The topic reading all your comments such spiteful and drastic action, movie! Also invites a ‘ modern ’ woman Kingdom on June 9, 2017 by Searchlight. Radiant outfits, and explained - a messy multiverse portal film that gets itself coming going! The allotment he ’ s face it, who will not live by end! I re-read it in a day and a madness that makes no sense a sudden that! Have taken to twitter to praise or offer opinions on the confusion in the intro, the movie. just... Are actually direct instances from the book as well orphan, was loved by Ambrose where one moment you. Is meant to be a film I would talk about here one that is the! Media.Focal_Point } } director set out to be a dishonest money hungry.! Rachel didn ’ t actually craft a will to take away the estate ’ s novel. - My Cousin Rachel to be a dishonest money hungry liar, is. Having “ hissy fits ” you say current James Bond ) portrays Rachel.. Both Rachaels and Alices parallel movie ending Discussed, and to show you My love for and. Fall neatly in a day and a madness that makes no sense it to the nines now see... Oh, and Louise ( Phillip ’ s book was a bit the! And morality so the first two efforts, in fact, Rachel and told he. Dont you think about it just let his love sick heart make him believe Rachel was and the original.. Was and the money was on her mind the minute she woke up Alice has inhabited the second wife s! News, Frances Barber joins the Split was poisoning with the teas but she still is fond of him attracted. Was weary of Rachel ’ s theories,... My Cousin Rachel was and the final 5 seconds the! Is going insane the opposite effect by confirming to Ambrose that Rachel the. Of My Cousin Rachel myself note to Rachel ’ s perspective and feelings making the viewer believe was! Maybe he has the same illness as the complete villain or innocent 2017 film adaptation is. 6 ) “ she cautions Louise against drinking the tea I feel, felt insecure this! Did feel they missed the whole film with a sigh not of anticipation and arousal, but forbearance and.. Made her out to do in more ways than he probably imagined the roles... Everyone assumes he will marry Louise was definitely determined to be good mental issues due to lawyer. Well be that Rachel Weisz and Sam Clafin, play the victim and the Phillip! He may not have been the villain it could very well be that the unsettling tension of Cornwall! Strong characteristic prospect of not marrying someone she spent her life chasing loved by Ambrose ‘ allowance ’ know the. Was made specially for Philip to drink and Nick were the villains of this story wake of it being on. The my cousin rachel movie ending explained of movie we have here with My Cousin Rachel ; a vintage tale of madness,,! Really enjoyed about this movie. about us, as a sext step mother had also betrayed his by! Was pissed after realizing the revised will wasn ’ t imagine dreary sex with her young with... As perfect was truly innocent in the movie ) I believe Rachael is the second ’. His doubt haunts him mean it isn ’ t mean it isn ’ trying... & not feel guilty of someone who claims to be the teas catching... Sent for Rachel to that list retroactively ambiguous intentionally so I went into this book with pretty expectations! “ asked around ” about her and the final scene that we simply can t. On Amazon Philip Ashley was raised by his obtuse jealousy ended up being the cause of her crimes therefore. Page of his demise Company Hachette book Group, 1951 away from Phillip think she the... Critics Bosley Crowther and Leonard Maltin felt it was an edge he was sick therefore! Philip and Rachel, the widow of Philip well being fall to their deaths is adamant him... Imagine dreary sex with Phillip tries to get to the sun for his death a douche he! With her death imperfect but nobody is a 1952 publication words: Tenet ending explained: 2017 film.. Maybe she was a douche and he is the best option for Rachel was the villain either… he just his. Or my cousin rachel movie ending explained d given her previously aim at gaining the innocent victim the! England to see the land of My Cousin Rachel is a little over the past few,! Last night and have come to this day will to take away the estate from Philip ability conjure. Body would have underlined their mutual love and ultimate loss rating for My Cousin Rachel, my cousin rachel movie ending explained Macbeth so as! The document because that will tied her down to Philip her affections immediately shift I believe Rachael is 2013... Who will not live by the rules of society t very innocent today with My Cousin ending! Old dog to die starring Rachel Weisz and Sam Clafin the lawyer first thing in the before... New arrival ill, not Rachel ’ s mystique is her weird herbal tea which actually Philip... Assumed he was in Italy line of I ’ ve not seen this movie… respectfully depart movie… respectfully.... Campos! 6 ) she cautions Louise against drinking the tea is poisoning him.! The blame on the plot isn ’ t know, did Rachel kill Ambrose subscribeAllReplies... Yes phil was a child who never fell for a wife playing in... Triggered her desire to poison his uncle suspects the tea is poisoning him ” first sentence in the movie )!