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Overcoming Postpartum Depression and AnxietyOvercoming Postpartum Depression and Anxiety
Third Edition

Linda Sebastian, ARNP

For most women, having a new baby is a joy, but for many new mothers it's also a time of confusion and despair. Few anticipate having postpartum depression or anxiety, yet 400,000 women suffer from it annually. In fact, it's the most common complication of pregnancy.

Author Linda Sebastian is a psychiatric nurse who understands postpartum disorders. Not only did she experience postpartum anxiety as a new mother, she has since worked with hundreds of women who have suffered from postpartum disorders. In Overcoming Postpartum Depression and Anxiety, Ms. Sebastian provides a comprehensive guide to recognizing and treating mood and anxiety problems that can be an unexpected part of giving birth.

Among the topics Ms. Sebastian covers:

  • Who is at risk for postpartum depression
  • Symptoms and causes of postpartum depression and anxiety
  • Effects on the baby and family members
  • Why so many women are caught off guard by these disorders
  • Why health professionals are unprepared
  • Options for mental health treatments and medications
  • Advise for fathers and family members

Bibliography, index, resource section

A Quick-reference Guide to Help Relieve
the Distress of Postpartum Disorders!

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Price: $19.95

ISBN: 1-886039-34-8, Spring 2016, 5.5 x 8.5 trim, 123 pages, trade paperback, black and white illustrations

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