The results of these skilfully conducted observations were published in a memoir on The Uranian and Neptunian Systems. - With this supremely important discovery of Faraday's we enter upon'the third period of electrical research, in which that philosopher himself was the leading figure. The In- stituto Historico e Geographico Brazileiro, though devoted chiefly to historical research, has rendered noteworthy service in its encouragement of geographical exploration and by its publication of various scientific memoirs. His principal works are his edition of the Sachsenspiegel (in 3 vols., 1827, 3rd ed., 1861, containing also some other important sources of Saxon or Low German law), which is still unsurpassed in accuracy and sagacity of research, and his book on Die Hausand Hofmarken (1870), in which he has given a history of the use of trade-marks among all the Teutonic nations of Europe, and which is full of important elucidations of the history of law and also contains valuable contributions to the history of art and civilization. The verb does not agree with its subject unless the latter is a personal pro noun; when the subject is a noun the verb is put in the third person singular; thus carant, " they love," can take a pronominal subject - carant hwy, " they love "; but " the men love " is car y dynion (not carant y dynion, which can only mean " they love the men "). Study definition is - a state of contemplation : reverie. - A valuable endowment of research in specimens, literature and pictures, deposited in libraries, museums and galleries since 1880, will keep ethnologists and archaeologists employed for many years to come. But he made little way, and failed to obtain a vacant physicianship at St George's hospital; the result was that he abandoned medicine and took to original research. In 1841 he found that he required rest, and it was not till 1845 that he entered on his second great period of research, in which he discovered the effect of magnetism on polarized light, and the phenomena of diamagnetism. He never married, and led a life of self-denial, entirely devoted to antiquarian research. The results of Omars research werea revised edition of the Zif or astronomical tables, and the introduction of the Tarikh-i-Malikshahi or JalalI, that is, the so-called Jalalian or SeljUk era, which commences in A.H. As a rule the cells are minute, and this has especially stood in the way of embryological research. The gerunds sleeping and studying are ‐ing forms of the verbs sleep and study.Sleeping is a noun functioning as the subject of this sentence, and studying is a noun functioning as an object.. The Bombay Plague Research Committee, whose experience is unequalled, say: " In a number of instances points of inoculation were found on the extremities of patients, from which plague cultures were obtained, and in these cases buboes were found above the point of inoculation. Cotton and silk culture have been experimented with on the islands; and the work of the Hawaiian Agricultural Experiment Station is of great value, in introducing new crops, in improving old, in studying soils and fertilizers and in entomological research. A noun phrase always includes a noun, which is a person, place, or thing; or a pronoun, which takes the place of a noun. For an account of these see Proceedings of the Society for Psychical Research, vii. 'Nip it in the butt' or 'Nip it in the bud'. So far this later research appears to confirm the opinion of Böckh (2) that fundamental units of measure were at one time derived from weights and capacities. 's knowledge), for Switzerland, his confidential valet Martin remaining behind. It is a popular and compendious reproduction of the Ada Sanctorum, exhibiting great industry and research, and is in all respects the best work of its kind in English literature. research how, what, etc… He did not originate this line of research, for it had been pursued, if not originated, by Haller, and cultivated systematically by Tommasini, an Italian "contra-stimulist"; but he carried it out with much elaboration. A substitute for this originality was found at Alexandria in learned research, extended and multifarious knowledge. In the following year he made his first acquaintance with the literature of Spain under the influence of his friend and biographer, Ticknor; and, while its attractiveness proved greater than he had at the outset anticipated, the comparative novelty of the subject as a field for research served as an additional stimulus. Sensory Automatism is the term given by students of psychical research to a centrally initiated hallucination. Test Your Knowledge - and learn some interesting things along the way. But a profound change was' coming over him, which led him to leave the domain of physical research for that of psychical and spiritual inquiry. His work was destroyed,' but the copious extracts which we find in Lactantius, Augustine, Jerome, Macarius Magnus and others show how profoundly he had studied the Christian writings, and how great ' was his talent for real historical research. 59 255 I 844 1709 divided into three 57 263 I 384 1578 classes, philosophical, 31 625 320 1382 historical and physical, ___________ and especially famous for its historical research; (2) the Society of Sciences (Geselischaft der Wissenschaften) in Göttingen, founded in 1742; (3) that of Erfurt, founded 1758; (4) Grlitz (1779) and (5) the Royal Saxon Society of Sciences (Konigliche sdchsische Gesellschaft der Wissenschaften), founded in Leipzig in 1846. Most of the recent research on Pliny has been concentrated on the investigation of his authorities, especially those which he followed in his chapters on the history of art - the only ancient account of that subject which has survived. Recent research has failed to add anything of importance to what has been said on this point by Buffon (O y seaux, ii. His life was spent as a practising physician in London, but he also occupied himself with chemical research. The literature has not been fully explored for its contribution to the various branches of antiquarian research. The remaining fifty-three years of his life were spent in London, and were devoted to geographical research chiefly among the materials in the East India House. A noun is a word that names something: either a person, place, thing, animal or idea. Again, the arrangement followed in the Pterylographie was of course based on pterylographical considerations, and we have its author's own word for it that he was persuaded that the limitation of natural groups could only be attained by the most assiduous research into the species of which they are composed from every point of view. Nouns usually go at the beginning of a sentence and adjectives should ideally precede a noun. His account, drawn up from notes taken in the main from personal observation, possesses an especial importance for topographical research, owing to his method of describing each object in the order in which he saw it during the course of his walks. Research is seriously complicated by the growing stores of material, which unfortunately are often utilized without attention to the principles of the various departments of knowledge or aspects of study. He prepared a new edition of the monk Theophilus's celebrated treatise, Diversarum artium schedula, and for several years devoted his Saturday mornings to laboratory research with the chemist Aline Girard at the Conservatoire des Arts et Metiers, the results of which were utilized by Marcellin Berthelot in the first volume (1894) of his Chimie au moyen dge. He was not improbably moved by considerations of foreign policy to publish his Russes et Prussiens, guerre de Sept Ans (1895), a popular work, though based on solid research. The work of Faraday from 1831 to 1851 stimulated and originated an immense mass of scientific research, but at the same time practical inventors had not been slow to perceive that it was capable of purely technical application. The nature of this law, which, upon the whole, appears to be purposive or teleological in its operations, is altogether a mystery which may or may not be illumined by future research. breaks down the 10 types of nouns you need to know. European research has clearly proved that the text in the Vedas adduced to authorize the immolation of widows was a wilful mistranslation. (9th ed.) They spent days researching in the school library. The Uralian travels of Anthony Reguly (1843-1845), and the philological labours of Paul Hunfalvy and Joseph Budenz, may be said to have established it, and no doubt has been thrown on it by recent research, though most authorities regard the Magyars as of mixed origin physically and combining Turkish with Finno-Ugric elements. Independently of its value as being compiled from original documents, it bears evidence of great research, and has been of essential benefit to later writers. Nouns come in many different shapes and sizes—do you know them all? Subscribe to America's largest dictionary and get thousands more definitions and advanced search—ad free! Maxwell's electric and magnetic ideas were gathered together in a great mathematical treatise on electricity and magnetism which was published in 1873.1 This book stimulated in a most remarkable degree theoretical and practical research into the phenomena of electricity and magnetism. - We now enter upon the second period of electrical research inaugurated by the epoch-making discovery of Alessandro Volta (1745-1827). Belgian literary activity extends also to historical research. Of later works, based on modern research, may be mentioned R. The Vita Justiniani of Ludewig or Ludwig (Halle, 1731), a work of patient research, is frequently referred to by Gibbon in his important chapters relating to the reign of Justinian, in the Decline and Fall (see Bury's edition, 1900). In the first the general political history will be set forth; in the second a sketch will be given of the cult of the " holy places "; the third will contain some particulars regarding the history of modern colonization by foreigners, which, while it has not affected the political status of the country, has produced very considerable modifications in its population and life; and the fourth will consist of a brief notice of the progress of exploration and scientific research whereby our knowledge of the past and the present of the land has been systematized. Wills 1 has made successful use of it in a research on the effects of temperature, a matter of great industrial importance. On the death of his uncle in 1823 Wheatstone and his brother succeeded to the business; but he never seems to have taken a very active part in it, and he virtually retired after six years, devoting himself to experimental research, at first chiefly with regard to sound. Armstrong resigned his position in 1863, and for seventeen years the government adhered to the older method of loading, in spite of the improvements which experiment and research at Elswick and elsewhere had during that period produced in the mechanism and performance of heavy guns. The clarification and spirit of research so clearly emphasized by Robert Boyle in the middle of the 17th century is reflected in the classification of substances expounded by Nicolas Lemery, in 1675, in his Cours de chymie. See also his "Notes of Seances with D.D.Home," Proceedings of the Society for Psychical Research, vi. The Carnegie Institution of Washington, founded by Andrew Carnegie in 1902 and endowed by him with $22,000,000 ($10,000,000 in 1902; $12,000,000 later), is designed "to encourage in the broadest and most liberal manner, investigation, research and discovery, and the application of knowledge to the improvement of mankind; and in particular to conduct, endow and assist investigation in any department of science, literature or art, and to this end to co-operate with governments, universities, colleges, technical schools, learned societies and individuals; to appoint committees of experts to direct special lines of research; to publish and distribute documents; and to conduct lectures, hold meetings and acquire and maintain a library.". Historical research and literary criticism flourished under Racki, the first president of the Academy, and his pupils: while Strassmayer did much to revive the Glagolitic, or ancient Slavonic liturgy, and to win for it the favour of Pope Leo XIII. He developed a great research laboratory of experimental physics, attracting numerous workers from many countries and colonies; advances were made in the investigation of the conduction of electricity through gases, in the determination of the charge and mass of the electron and in the development of analysis by means of positive rays. For example : Ram, Albert, Delhi, America, pen, paper, book, soldier etc. Weak health, however, caused him from early days to devote himself to research, mainly on church history in the later middle ages, and his literary reputation rests on the important books he produced on this subject. Gerunds. These lines of research have been described in the preceding section on the apparatus criticus. This Cooperative Wheat Research Production Program, in which Borlaug took part, aimed to boost Mexican wheat production. There is ample material for purely comparative purposes and for an estimate both of the general fundamental ideas and of the artificially-developed secondary speculations; but for any scientific research it is necessary to observe the social, religious and historical conditions of the provenance and period of the evidence, and for this the material is often insufficient. Little light has been thrown on the affinities of the Brachiopoda by recent research, though speculation has not been wanting. Whether his conclusion is justified or not, it helps to show how strongly the trend of contemporary research is setting against the theory of Kattenbusch that the Roman Creed when adopted at Antioch became the parent of all Eastern forms. - Dec., 1908), and Proceedings of the Society for Psychical Research, xxiii. Much Scholarship And Research Have Been Devoted To Local And Special Historical Subjects, A Notable Example Of Which Is Arthur; Doughty'S Exhaustive Work On The Siege Of Quebec. research, but also for original philosophic debate. It is interesting to note this early employment of the camera obscura in the field of astronomical research, in which its latest achievements have been of such pre-eminent value. His university lectures, though perhaps lacking in inspiration, were full of original research and learning. No one had a suggestion for the next step, but Fred was determined to continue to research the ownership of the severed digit. Careful research has shown that very little can with accuracy be ascribed to him. Collective nouns are used to name a group of persons, places, animals or things. This research opened a way of approach to the phenomena of radioactivity, and the history of the steps by' hich P. Curie and Madame Curie were finally led to the discovery of radium is one of the most fascinating chapters in the history of science. Send us feedback. That would take some research by Fred and his stalwarts, if Dean could figure a way to distance that investigation from Fred's court-dictated jury duty restrictions. Athens has thus become a centre of learning, a meeting-place for scholars and a basis for research in every part of the Greek world. According to the Plague Research Committee of Bombay, the predisposing causes are " those leading to a lower state of vitality," of which insufficient food is probably the most important. Mention may be made here of a class of epidermal organ, the hydaihodea, the wide distribution and variety of which have been revealed by recent research. (4) The naturally resulting paralysis of intelligence and scientific research, which the Church either proscribed or only sullenly tolerated. Prehistoric research had now begun to extend beyond the Greek mainland. The complex original work and various alterations of it need thorough study, but it is now closed and research is forbidden. For antiquities in museums there is the sumptuous Catalogue general des anhiquitis gyptiennes du muse de Caire; for excavations the Memoirs of the Egypt Exploration Fund, of the Research Account, of the British School of Archaeology, of the Liverpool School of Archaeology, of the Deutsche Orient-Gesellschaft, of the I-Iearst Egyptian Expedition, of the Theodore M. While the youth of Egyptological research is in part responsible for this, the reason lies still more in the nature of the religion itself and the character of the testimony bearing upon it. He edited the Nuovo giornale dei letterati d'Italia (1773-1790), and left materials for a work of great research entitled Dizionario topografico-storico degli stati estensi (2 vols. She'd done research on the drugs; they were antipsychotics, anti-anxiety pills and a bunch of other fun drugs. In 1830 he published a research, undertaken with Arago for the academy of sciences, on the elastic force of steam at high temperatures. Phenomena of this kind play a large part in primitive ceremonies of divination and in our own day furnish much of the material of Psychical Research. Exploration and Research.Owing to its early development of a high civilization with written records, its wealth, and its preservative climate, Egypt is the country which most amply repays archaeological research. In a sentence, nouns can play the role of subject, direct object, indirect object, subject complement, object complement, appositive, or adjective. they serve as a necessary incentive to steady and concentrated work 1 (the reply made to this is that the incentive is a bad one, and that with efficient teachers it is unnecessary); (xv.) A modifier can be an adjective (a word that modifies a noun, like "burger"), but it can also be an adverb (a word that modifies a verb): Example: The student carefully proofread her draft. Synonym Discussion of study. It simply consisted iri the application, to the elucidation of these complex problems, of the exact methods of chemical and physical research. The suggestion requires further experimental testing, for which the case of the parthenogenetic production of a portion of the offspring, in such insects as the bee, offers a valuable opportunity for research. Views expressed in the examples do not represent the opinion of Merriam-Webster or its editors. The research into abstract qualities, the fundamental problem of physics, comes near to the metaphysical study of forms, which indeed differs from the first only in being more general, and in having as its results a form strictly so called, i.e. Haser: "Schdnlein has the incontestable merit of having been the first to establish in Germany the exact method of the French and the English, and to impregnate this method with the vivifying spirit of German research.". He was made an honorary member of the Pharmaceutical Society of Great Britain in 1886 and received the Hanbury medal for original research in chemistry in 1889. The measurements of freezing points of solutions at the extreme dilution necessary to secure complete ionization is a matter of great difficulty, and has been overcome only in a research initiated by E. The vestment was a monument of careful and painstaking research, profusely illustrated. noun 1. a small case containing a mirror, face powder and a puff 2. a formal agreement between two or more parties; an economic compact between France and Germany Which sentence correctly uses the word compact as a verb? His History of the Politics of Great Britain and France (1799) brought him much notice and a pension from William Pitt. As Britain was then at war with France, only the northern countries of Europe were quite open to his research at that time; but during the brief Peace of Amiens Malthus continued his investigations in France and Switzerland. I did some tests and then asked Ginny for some research help. The main points in the general conclusions of these chapters have been borne out by subsequent research. ... Use “that” if the words that follow are essential to the meaning of the sentence. As the principle was abandoned even by its authors, it is now only of historical importance, although for many years it exerted considerable influence on thermochemical research. Other alleged discoveries, such as' the construction of early Roman history out of still earlier ballads, have not been equally fortunate; but if every positive conclusion of Niebuhr's had been refuted, his claim to be considered the first who dealt with the ancient history of Rome in a scientific spirit would remain unimpaired, and the new principles introduced by him into historical research would lose nothing of their importance. Trees are … He was himself a diligent investigator and experimenter, and he did much to encourage original research among his pupils, one of whom was Dr Joseph Black. It is this introduction of the consideration of cell-structure and cell-development which, subsequently to the establishment of Darwinism, has most profoundly modified the views of systematists, and led in conjunction with the genealogical doctrine to the greatest activity in research - an activity which culminated in the work (1873-1882) of F. In the first place, the continued study of human population has thrown additional light on some of the questions involved, whilst the progress of microscopical research has given us a clear foundation as to the structural facts connected with the origin of the egg-cell and sperm-cell and the process of fertilization. (1853-1857), the result of thirty years' labour and research. (countable) A particular instance or piece of research. He emphasized that the practical training should include (1) the qualitative and quantitative analysis of mixtures, (2) the preparation of substances according to established methods, (3) original research - a course which has been generally adopted. A few words of explanation concerning Pasteur's first research are necessary to give the key to all his future work. His life in London was varied by frequent visits to Italy, where he occupied himself more in literary and antiquarian research than with art. In the following years Thorbecke undertook a journey of research and study in Germany, staying at most of her famous universities, and making the acquaintance of his best-known contemporaries in the fatherland. From 1842 onwards to the end of the 19th century, he was one of the great master workers in the field of electrical discovery and research. Fred O'Connor seemed a tad put out that he'd been absent from the final confrontation in the Lucky Pup Mine until Dean reminded him that without his Internet connection and library research, Martha's bones would still be without identity. is subdivided into:(A) Exploration and Research; (B) The Country in Ancient Times; (C) Religion; (D) Language and Writing; (E) Art and Archaeology; (F) Chronology. Copyright © 2020 LoveToKnow. This pronoun can be a subject pronoun or an indefinite pronoun. His views as to the physiological functions of the spinal cord are also in agreement with recent research, and he anticipated many of the pre-eminent offices of the ductless glands which students of the present time are only beginning to discover. Hofmann, in whose own research laboratory he was in the course of a year or two promoted to be an assistant. 1850), became well known as professor of Assyriology in Berlin, and the author of many books of great research and learning, especially on oriental philology. Recent research has, however, explained how it came about that a son born on the earlier date received the name Nabulione (Napoleon). Whatever the case, research and contemplation had not dampened the desire for more children – their children. The influence of temperature varying between wide limits has formed the subject of a research by K. An exhaustive research into the effects of heating on the magnetic properties of iron has been carried out by D. Terada in a research remarkable for its completeness and the ingenuity of the experimental methods employed. This book he continued to amplify and improve in the light of further research; the last edition appeared in 1902. the formal logic of Hamilton and Mansel, whose Aristotelian and scholastic learning did but accentuate their traditionalism, and whose acquiescence in consistency constituted in Mill's view a discouragement of research, such as men now incline to attribute at the least equally to Hume's idealism, Mill is only negatively justified. Learn a new word every day. - English Grammar Today - a reference to written and spoken English grammar and usage - Cambridge Dictionary His valedictory thesis at the Ecole des Chartes, Serie chronologique des gardiens et seigneurs des Iles Normandes (1876), was a definitive work and but slightly affected by later research. All Rights Reserved, Examples of Open-Ended and Closed-Ended Questions. For the encouragement of research and literary style the government awards periodical prizes which are very keenly contested. the theory of relativity the 2003 federal budget. On the 6th of November 1766, Lagrange was installed in his new position, with a salary of 6000 francs, ample leisure for scientific research, and royal favour sufficient to secure him respect without exciting envy. The results of future research on the cytology of the group will be awaited with interest. He's making a quiz, and checking it twice... Test your knowledge of the words of the year. In 1899 he retired from the Indian medical service, and devoted himself to research and teaching, joining the Liverpool school of tropical medicine as lecturer, and subsequently becoming professor of tropical medicine at Liverpool University.