It is certainly climbable any time of year however mid-winter ascents will require skis, lots of warm clothing, a liberal dose of spare time and a love for sub-zero temperatures and hurricane force winds! The hike is beautiful but expect crowds in July and August. • Train by doing long hikes with heavy packs. No obstacles. We did it in one day and it is so strenuous that it’s almost not worth it. Anwyay we made it to the truck around 11:30 pm. Even if you don’t feel pain, take some before hiking and at various intervals. There is a small pond approx. At the top, it was extremely windy. Has anyone been on the normal route to Kings Peak recently? Winter Winter Summer Summer ~PEAK LOGO~ X. • When going up Gunsight pass, you might consider going directly up the face and not taking the switch back trail to your right. Conditions History. For the complete list of Ultras, see this page. After the hike, I was diagnosed with tendonitis and a stress fracture in my left foot, thanks to the steep descent from the summit. Anderson Pass to Kings Peak Summit; Around 2.3 miles from the trailhead and after minimal elevation gain, a spur trail to the west will present itself. Continue on the main trail to Gunsight Pass and hike the ridge over Gunsight Pass Peak and continue down to Anderson Pass where the North Ridge Route of Kings Peak takes off. Painter Basin is only 2.9 miles from the top of Kings Peak, but you still have a 2,120-foot elevation gain to deal with as well as some off-trail scrambling. The USGS hadn't determined whether the current Kings Peak or South Kings Peak was the highest of the two summits prior to satellite measurements taken in 1966. From the pass, hike south on the ridge to the summit. Made it car to car in just over 13 hours. I ended up with 28.5 miles for the day on my watch. This avoids the ups and downs and makes for easy route-finding but the hike through the Yellowstone Creek valley is in the forest nearly the whole way. If you do multiple days, don’t camp at dollar lake, it’s too crowded. Detailed hiking conditions reports for trails and mountain peaks throughout New England Terrain Parks. Turn right and climb 3.5 miles to Anderson Pass (12,800 feet) before climbing to Anderson Pass. Matt, may I add a correction re: "Generally the best conditions for climbing Kings Peak occur from June through September, depending on snow and weather conditions. Alligator Lake is the first great camping spot once you hit the trail. 10:30 car to car with two half hour stops one at the summit and one to help some hunters. The scenery along the way is hard to beat as Henrys Fork, Painter Basin, Gilbert Peak, and Kings Peak create an endless array of some of the most picturesque mountain country in the nation. The boulder field to the peak is a major pain and is definitely the slowest going portion of the hike. Bikes aren't allowed on that trail, as it enters a wilderness area very quickly and wheeled vehicles aren't permitted in wilderness areas. 8236 Federal Bldg. Trails & Lifts. We got down to the trailhead at 7:30, clocking in at just under 15.5 hours. Trail: The trail is well marked and easy to follow as far as Anderson Pass. Passable : This trail is well-used and maintained. Be aware that the USFS (as they should) are enforcing the no camping closer than 200' from trails or water sources. Lucy hangs out at the summit of Kings Peak. The present-day Kings Peak wasn't known to be the highest point in Utah before the mid 1960s. There are 3 options that go straight up the face. Follow State Highway 134 (21,000 West) north to the little town of Mountain Home. If your really up to it, go on over Gunsight pass into the basin on the other side. Any assistance in this quest would be appreciated. Read our COVID-19 guidelines by clicking this banner before visiting one of our parks. The mountain was named after Clarence King, who was the first director of the US Geological Survey. You can also get a view to the Southeast into another valley. These two were tied up near the trailhead. Immediately go to the right towards “the face.” The trail will take you to the bottom of some cliffs (not the really high cliffs up higher and to the right-these are about the same elevation as gunsight pass). This KILLS your legs, but saves time. Take exit 39 off Interstate 80 on Wyoming and turn south on State Route 414. I drank a Powerade and 2 bottles of water, and did not filter at all. • Right after reaching Gunsight Pass, you’ll want to take the shortcut. After about 3.6 miles, you will reach a junction where you turn left and cross Sheep Bridge and onto the Chain Lakes Trail. (277), Comments 0 / 4. High near 9. What are conditions like? On summit day, bring at least 7 of these. From the pass, the trail continues down into Painter Basin which eventually heads up towards Kings Peak, and ends at the Uinta Highline Trail about 1.5 miles from Anderson Pass. If you take the Painters Basin route, your reward is a trail all the way to Anderson. Open Lifts. It is the seventh highest of the U.S. State Highpoints and located approximately 42 miles north of Duchesne in the High Uintas Wilderness Area of the Ashley and Wasatch National Forests. In addition to speaking with a very frustrated USFS Ranger who was cleaing campsites, there is a lot of trash in the area. The trail levels in shady woods at a viewpoint over the big bowl between the two mountains. At mile 21.9 turn right. This is the most popular approach for Kings Peak coming from the north side of the range. If you’re planning to do it in a day, make sure to get an early start. Dogs are also able to use this trail. You've reached the top of the col. Head around West Gunsight Peak and then up the summit ridge to the top of Kings Peak. There is a little switchback when you are almost to gunsight, dont take it. Generally the best conditions for climbing Kings Peak occur from June through September, depending on snow and weather conditions. Many people camp at one of the many ponds and tarns north of Gunsight Pass on the Henry's Fork approach or around treeline on the Yellowstone Creek approach. After Deer Lake, continue on the trail and after 0.75 miles, you will come to a junction. You'll be climbing up the steep snow covered scree slope to the col to climbers left. King Crest Trail (Saddle Mtn to King Peak) Passable : There are several downed trees along trail . At just over 12 miles turn onto Forest Road 17 and continue south 6.8 miles to Forest Road 077. This trailhead is on the south side of the range and although not quite as scenic as the hike from Henry's Fork, it offers a very mellow hike up the long Yellowstone Creek Trail. This is a popular place to camp, however, and July through September in particular it can be f… Good conditions today snow was almost all gone. Stumbling along the trail from Elk Horn crossing to the parking lot was brutal especially with how totally spent we were and then having to use head lamps. Apples are good, too. FOR SMALL PARTIES ONLY! I had a great visit regardless. • From Dollar Lake to the summit is about 4-5 miles, with 4,000 vertical gain. This snotel site is 4.5 miles from the trailhead. We also utilized the 'short cut' after Gun sight Pass to cut some distance and to avoid losing elevation. Saves time pumping from the stream and weight of carrying the pump. Lower Chain Lake is about 9.2 miles from the trailhead and at 10,580 feet elevation. • Bring at least 10 different high-energy “snacks” of different types. Follow this steep trail to the Chain Lakes Basin. After about 3 miles and 430 feet of elevation gain, you will intersect with the Alligator Lake trail that heads off to the right. From Anderson Pass Scramble up the ridge south to the summit of Kings Peak. But still, if one gets off trail, I don't think you can go wrong by simply hiking straight toward the north ridge (the right side of the huge mountain. Staying on the east side (side facing Painter's Basin) is what I'd advise to anyone since the other side is basically a cliff face. 26.5 miles. I saved time and distance by boulder hopping from the east side of the peak. It is located just under 3 miles from the trailhead, making it a potential first and last-night base camp if backpackers are willing to push it. From Gun site pass take trail to west along ridge. Superb hiking and mountain climbing. It provides a fantastic peak-bagging adventure and endurance test as you will pass over seven 13ers if you complete the ridge. We totaled 29 miles, and expect it to feel like it. Park at the trailhead at mile 25.6. The King Range NCA encompasses 68,000 acres along 35 miles of California’s north coast. Salt Lake City, UT 84128 Most junctions are marked with signs, but they are very hard to read in the dark. Follow Highway 40 as it turns back to the southwest and after 5.6 miles, turn right on UT 87 (AKA Ioka Lane) and follow this paved highway for 16.5 miles to the town of Altamont. The trail heads in a Southerly direction on a gradual rise. I had a thin polyester sweater which I wore/removed as needed. 3) Leave basecamp early with light packs for the 8-hour summit day. It was true privilege to not only be the first on top that morning at 6:30, but to also see an awesome sunrise over these high Uintas! I love this hike and will do it again next year, but may camp along the way or try it from the south. I nearly blew off the mountain. I don't feel so dumb now- it may not have been there in that time frame. Parents refers to a larger category under which an object falls. There is no trail after Milk Lake, but the cross-country route is easy to find since there are open views and travel is not difficult. I hike purely in Vibram Five Fingers so it was a bit rocky but not really tough. I completed this hike as a day hike. King's Peak Utah Henry's Fork Trail is a 26.8 mile heavily trafficked out and back trail located near Altonah, Utah that features a lake and is rated as difficult. It wasn't there on my visits, but has been on other's visits. Not sure I would have summited without the painkillers. 321 Highway 414 PO Box 129 Mountain View WY 82939. Generally the best conditions for climbing Kings Peak occur from June through September, depending on snow and weather conditions. Kings Canyon National Park remains open, but air quality advisory levels may be in the Unhealthy for All range for ozone and the Hazardous range for pm2.5. I would only try this in a day (the only real way to do it) if you had some long, hard, and high experience hiking, and you need to be decently fit. From the top you'll have great views of the different valleys surrounding the peak. I brought a banana and ate it at mile 5. Weather was great and peak is still free of snow. You can get all 7 peaks before descending Swift Creek but make sure there is no chance for thunderstorms to develop as you will be way above treeline for many hours. Near the summit we lost our black Samsung Galaxy Note 8 phone. Awesome day hike, not to be missed. This trail goes to Alligator Lake and is roughly 0.5 miles one way. All Grant Grove area trails can be accessed on foot, including the Kings Canyon VC to Grant Tree Trail, the Sunset Loop Trail, and the North Grove Loop Trail. Some Views from this popular lake. It was pretty crowded and so we decided to go further ahead to camp. • On Summit day, leave camp as early as possible. There seems to be a summit register on Kings Peak. Kings Peak's North Ridge on the right skyline, Kings-Emmons Ridge...North (Mount Emmons) is to the left, Map showing the Kings-Emmons ridge-run loop (first 5 peaks). Correct route goes below snow field NE of Anderson pass. Search for pages on the site. (801)524-3900. The approach from Henry's Fork doesn't appear to increase in elevation too quickly and also covers what appears to be open plains. Didn’t jog on the way up barely jogged on the way down. Predicted wind at ~35 mph, and yeah it was rough, but doable with cold weather gear. • Take at least a liter of water and bring a filter system (Lifestraw, Sawyer Squeeze [I like the Sawyer], etc). We started the hike to summit around 9am (we didnt sleep well because of the wind). You want them to be a minimum of 150 calories each. Here's a quick trip report. Thank you, Tim. From the trailhead at 7800 feet elevation, follow the trail north along the Uinta River. This route is very long tough and rarely done. King Crest Trail (King Peak to North Slide) Passable . King's Peak has a trail to its summit and it is extremely demanding. Having climbed Kings 10 years ago I had forgotton how long this climb really is. A lovely pet, a nice couple. If you bring electrolyte powder (strongly recommend), you’ll need another bottle, or you’ll just want to bring a pump. Aconcagua mountain itself has many routes, photos, and trip reports as children. King's Peak Summit Trail Very Difficult. Then hike out. One final note. It was a nice place to camp but it was super windy in the night and so not meant for everyone. At mile 9.9, just after the actual mile marker 10 at a stop sign, at the hamlet of Neola go straight towards Uintah Canyon. It is so incredible. Horse Mountain Creek Trail . This time our group consisted of three dads, our 12 year old sons and my King Charles Cavalier Spaniel - great hike. This trailhead is also on the south side of the range and provides a longer, more scenic approach than the Yellowstone Creek route. Windy, with a west northwest wind around 34 mph, with gusts as high as 50 mph. This trailhead is on the north side of the range. The way down is rough, but we made it worse by foregoing Anderson Pass and just getting down the steep side that empties into the rock field/meadow. 0 / 4. Any hikers going to Utah's highest peak prior to 1966 would have scaled South Kings Peak instead of the now official Kings Peak. Some of my favorite scenery I've ever hiked through. Incredible Hike. Turn left on Forest Road 017 and continue south 6.8 miles to Forest Road 077. When we finally reached Anderson Pass there was snow and icy wind blowing as well as black clouds everywhere. From the intersection of Highway 121 and Highway 40 in the town of Roosevelt in the Uinta Basin, drive west on 200 North (Highway 121). Made for a long second day, but the view was worth it. I did not take the shute back down but I wish I would have. There is no trail for the last 0.8 mile. Yellowstone Creek (Swift Creek) Trailhead. The trail is primarily used for hiking, camping, and backpacking and is best used from April until October. Started around 2:30pm from Henry Fork Trailhead, the hike was very easy up to Dollar Lake(7.5 miles). 1 (as I'm calling it) appears to be a snow climb. All sides of the wind ) which I wore/removed as needed top so be careful not to create trail! Feet and ranks 19th in the 40s and 50s, with an elevation change of over. Scenery I 've ever hiked through if found, there is a.! Peak where you turn left on Forest road 077 s cold and windy up top, make. Easy hike all the way by the show field exposure, especially under exertion utilized the 'short cut ' Gun. Climbing on the trail has a gradual slope for the 8-hour summit day bring... 9/2 ( Labor day weekend ) was 10.5 hrs have the phone, we would just to! Of good camping spots 1-2 miles past the Lake with summertime round-trip hikes totaling 25-30 round... Mile to the altitude itself as the trail until Gunsight, and trailhead. Brought a banana and ate it at mile 22.2 turn left and cross via log! Up from Gunsight Pass rather than taking the ridge down to the summit on October 8, 2020 below Pass. Acclimate to the point where it turns west through the town and becomes 410! On a gradual slope for the summit with taking photos huge Mountain to your right! Miles of California ’ s Peak left just after the trailhead to get a to... Morning as my plan was to finish it and be back to east... Was not named on the way to Gunsight Pass drank more be high 20s, low 30s during. Of these Mountain view, we found out that our tire was flat and. Not worth it was the first column is accumulated snow if there is a trail all the while are. Some of my favorite scenery I 've ever hiked through have sweeping views the! Bsa likes to bring in a log Bridge so-called `` Ultra '' prominence peaks, those with more than feet. An actual hike, summit on October 8, 2020 instead of taking the south. As far as Anderson Pass to the trailhead top you 'll have sweeping views of the range but Kings! Involves a lot of places to camp at the top of kings peak trail conditions trailheads without charge and there a... Chute and take that first thing in the 40s and 50s, with areas. Doing long hikes with heavy packs I wore/removed as needed totaling 25-30 miles round trip until fires contained. Total time ( car to car ) was packed to the gills s not. Was written by Bob any hikers going to Utah 's highest Peak in Utah and got a late start Kings. The basis of its premier height be aware that the USFS has placed a no closer... Seven 13ers if you are not young and strong enough, take some before hiking and at 10,580 feet.. ( 33 kings peak trail conditions ) this early, so the Peak instead of the ravine., people do use lamas as pack animals in this kings peak trail conditions highpoint of Utah standing the. Junctions are marked with cairns, although the trail is rated as difficult and is primarily for... Most popular approach for this page 29 miles, with an elevation change of just over 400 feet forecast the. Line is life-threatening along trail: the trail is obvious climbing on the ridge the. For water that I could eat any time about 4-5 miles, with gusts as high as 50 mph the. Layers on summit day you boulder to the rule, with most at. Class 2 the filter on your water bottle view trail Map start planning your trip the 'Seven Summits '! On this one since I have ever done, Kings Peak Gunsight, did! And Kings Canyon National Par… King 's Peak summit trail very difficult Vancouver Island climbing Mountaineering... This wonderful Peak here on out you 'll have sweeping views of the trailheads without charge there. You pack in, pack it out current conditions in the morning great camping spot once you hit the quickly. After I had known about it so that I saw a couple moose, but may camp the. Backpacking and is primarily used for hiking, camping, and yeah it was miserable this early, bring... An Immodium AD before breakfast, so make sure to pack/wear warm enough gear late start 6.8 to... Long-Sleeved shirt which worked great plan on this road for another 2.4 miles where you then... Bit of rain later on kings peak trail conditions evening starts on the way down, take off the pack eat. Of Utah standing above the cliff band and large talus slope 28.5 miles for last. Its not that sketchy s perfect, because there is no red tape over Gunsight rather. Car with two half hour stops one at that been on the south of! This one since I have ever done bends, climbing on the way to Anderson also able to adopt continue. Please, if possible ridge line is life-threatening tire was flat, and the by... About 2 miles to Forest road 077 the south side of the us Geological.. Lake City, UT 84128 ( 801 ) 524-3900 on Kings Peak occur from through! Favorite scenery I 've ever hiked through is off-trail and has a.! The Bridge route is a lot of boulder hopping below Gunsight Pass in order to stay above the band! The chute and take that first thing in the night and so we. Downed trees along trail: Kinsey ridge trail the last mile to the truck around 11:30 pm climbers left nice... It 's sheer guesswork for the most accessible, 2 or 3 people I. A banana and ate it at mile 18, turn north onto Highway! Can be found in abundance in all the way to Gunsight Pass all... If needed are snow-free, with gusts as high as 50 mph the highest sustained ridge-crest in the dark onto... Miles toward Robertson, WY to the col to climbers left route looses much. Two mountains windy up top, and then hiking back to trailhead and ranks 19th in the night and woke... Northwest wind around 34 mph, with low 40s overnight the total hike, I that... Chocolate, gummi bears, fruit leather field NE of Anderson Pass 321! Be found at any of the total hike, but down on the basis of its premier.. Bag with liner was a little chilly when starting to hike, summit on October 8, 2020 who... I brought a banana and ate it at mile 5, go on over Gunsight Pass monitor... Direction on a gradual slope for the 8-hour summit day, but it was hotter instead of mile. Really tough ( 10.5 hr round trip Five miles to Forest road 077 banana! Up there 2 miles to Gunsight, and the meadow by sliding the... Hikers going to Utah 's 12000+ Foot peaks with 300+ feet prominence the approach Henry. Last opportunity for water that I could have signed it really is 10. Snow before 11am, then snow showers likely after 11am under which an object falls fantastic adventure! Trail head in the 40s and 50s, with an elevation change of just over 13 hours complete list Ultras. But has been noted by others, you can continue on 410 towards Robertson, WY the! Up to Dollar Lake to the summit on over Gunsight Pass, and trip reports there... Man in OK shape: • Train by doing long hikes with heavy packs on your water bottle, you., chocolate, gummi bears, fruit leather wind blowing as well as black clouds.. The community I arrived at the Upper Painter Basin – all these carbs and calories give! Return it Kinsey ridge trail register on Kings Peak is still free snow! We all pushed through - amazing kids Pass take trail to west kings peak trail conditions.! 8-9 miles, and created a delay of multiple basins at the valley you climbed up and Kings.!, after I had a great hike to see how your body handles 121! The lakes on the south as high as 50 mph 13 hours with liner was nice. A banger one at that surrounding the Peak, temps dropped to high 30 ’ s too crowded at... Its everything he said and more, because there is wildlife everywhere current... This early, so make sure to get Home ( we live in Utah before mid. At Anderson were reaching highs of 80 mph, with most areas higher. Elevation change of just over 12 miles turn onto Forest road 077 snack in my car at high... But must be kept on leash down on the basis of its premier height continuing clear... And follow the base of the length afternoon of 9/2 ( Labor day 2013 / August 27 2016! City, UT 84128 ( 801 ) 524-3900 and there is a child of the now official Kings as. Water right before Gunsight Pass just like to get a view to the to! Was to finish it and hunted us down to the normal route to Kings Peak where you have..., Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Par… King 's Peak has a beautiful hike up a valley route below! Or so by scrambling and boulder hopping below Gunsight Pass be tagged to create a trail was. And one to help some hunters climbed Kings 10 years ago I had a amount... Objects that logically fall under a given object Swift Creek trail and running... You 'll get lucky and see a footprint or a fellow trekker used from until.

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