This allowed Dibbell to found the Carolina Minerals Company of Penland. 3. 2. Mica deposits in Mitchell county, North Carolina Choose county: (any county) Ashe Avery Buncombe Caldwell Clay Haywood Jackson Macon Madison McDowell Mitchell Watauga Wilkes Yancey Search Until about 1949, most of the mining work, especially extracting the mineral from ore, was done by hand. North Carolina Mines / Jackson County, NC Mines ; Mines in Jackson County, NC. The QUARTZ Corp is a key supplier of high-purity, low-iron quartz, feldspar, and mica in North America, mining the famous Spruce Pine, North Carolina, mining area. Although North and South Carolina are not generally known for their ancient mound builder cultures, it turns out that both states have a long and colorful history of giants, missing skeletons, pygmies called “moon-eyed children,” and ancient sheet mica mines that were used to supply major mound builder sites across the North American continent. The company has a strong global presence with offices and product stores in Europe, North America, and Asia. Mitchell County, North Carolina Abernathy Mica Mine. Ira Thomas, a ninth-generation miner, started tagging along with his father when he was just 6 years old. Balsam Mica Mine Yancey County, North Carolina March 13th and 14th, 2004 Overnight camping and rockhounding ! Summary description of mica mines and prospects in the Blue Ridge of North Carolina__ 26 Yancey County, NC mines, mine companies, mine owners and mine information. US-Mining provides information on mines, operators, and minerals mined in Yancey County, NC Top North Carolina Mines: See reviews and photos of mines in North Carolina, United States on Tripadvisor. The Abernathy Mica Mine located in Mitchell County, North Carolina was mined off and on from the late 1800's through the early 1960's. Another problem is that when you look at the surface of the ground, it is almost impossible to tell exactly in what direction and how deep mine workings go. The main entrance to the mine is located on private property and no collecting is allowed. As book mica occurs in veins in the pegmatite, it was mined using shafts and tunnels in order to follow the veins. Ray Mica Mine Yancey County, North Carolina Last Updated: May 30th, 2012: The Ray Mica Mine is one of the most famous mica mines in the area having produced some of the highest quality muscovite mica from the early to mid 1900s. Recorded production of sheet-and-punch mica from the Spruce Pine district, North Carolina. By 1917, North Carolina was the nation’s top feldspar producer. Recorded production of sheet-and-punch mica from the Franklin-Sylva district, North Carolina...._____ 25 4. Hello members, we finally got to complete our overnight camping and rockhounding trip to the Balsam Mica Mine in Yancey County, N.C.. We had planned this trip twice only to have it cancelled by inclement weather. The North Carolina Mining Act of 1971 requires mining operations (below and above ground) to acquire permits so there is now a record of where modern mining operations occur.