Developed customer-server communication and relationships. Dishwashers need to load and unload machines quickly without chipping plates or cutting themselves with knives. Served customers in restaurant environment specializing in fast service and inexpensive carry-out food. Supervised the repair and maintenance of meteorological equipment, vehicles, communication, electronic, and other organic section equipment. Maintained sanitation stocked and restocked workstation and display cases. Food Court Cashier Grill Cook Position Requirements MINIMUM QUALIFICATIONS: Food service or cash handling experience. Resolved customer complaints and ensured quality service. Displayed excellent communication and interpersonal skills and the ability to express a positive attitude towards others. Fast Food Cashier Job Description. Awareness and knowledge of business operations such as sales, promotions, and store policies also require particular skills that are key to being a successful cashier. Communicated effectively with management and co-workers regarding nightly operations and preparation of all menu items. Delivered food/drink orders to customers. Additionally, they can be opportunities to develop further skills that you can apply to many other professions. Outgoing graduate offering superb customer service abilities and passion for exceeding goals. Maintained clean work area Resolved customer complaints. Maintained safe environment by removing any obstructions or hazardous objects. Alison Doyle is the job search expert for The Balance Careers, and one of the industry's most highly-regarded job search and career experts. Handled money, greeted and welcomed customers (Dine-in/Drive thru) Cleaned floors, stocked shelves, and restock workstations. Operating point-of-sale equipment, proactively assisting customers, and knowing the store inside and out all require different sets of skills. The Seasonal Food Cashier's primary responsibility is to sell food items by using MAGIC selling and providing service using product knowledge and sampling. Prepared and served cold drinks, or frozen milk drinks or desserts. When most people think of restaurant and food service jobs, waiters and cooks usually come to mind. Bachelor of Arts in Hospitality Administration (2016)University of Alaska Anchorage, Anchorage, AK. Most Important Skills Required to Be aCashier as Listed by Employers and Employees Servers must remember which diner ordered the special without mint and whether there might be flecks of pepper in the dressing because some people have serious and unusual allergies or preferences that must be met. Created and implemented new inventory management techniques. Trustworthiness. The environment of a fast food restaurant is populated by hot cooking surfaces, food, and oil, which can lead to injury. Feel free to use this Cashier job description to … Received payment for Food Services in the form of cash and credit. The ability to move at a fast, steady pace, without distraction, is critical. The host/hostess and wait staff must nurture a welcome atmosphere. Prepared and cooked food according to screen or verbal instructions. You might not get rich as a fast food cashier, but you can learn valuable job skills. Produced food products quickly, accurately and to satisfaction in a fast-paced environment. Requested customer order and depresses keys of computer cash register to simultaneously record order and compute bill. Answered Processed currency and credit card transactions accurately and promptly. Patience. Used software programs such as Inventory management software, Point of Sale software. Restaurant workers might have to be artists, communicators, managers, or sometimes arbitrators (conflict and issue resolution is important in hospitality work). Add Relevant Skills to Your Resume: When you apply, you will have to read the job description carefully. Placed customer's orders by depressing keys of multi-counting machine to simultaneously record order and compute bill. Recognized by team members and management for exhibiting a positive attitude and willingness to help whenever and wherever needed. communication skills including the ability to clearly express oneself and listen to and clarify customer needs attention to detail and accuracy including carefully checking all processes and tasks Strong Numerical Skills. Provided excellent customer service while providing fast service and superior quality products. Observed and reported any hazards to management providing a safe environment. Able to learn new tasks quickly and represent establishment with friendly, professional demeanor at all times. Charismatic and customer-centric Host / Server with five years’ experience ensuring smooth and efficient front-of-house operations. We ranked the top skills based on the percentage of Fast Food Cashier resumes they appeared on. Excellent work experience as a cashier of famous fast food restaurants. Answered phones, operated register, prepared customer orders, aided general manager with product ordering, resolved customer complaints, Supervised and coordinated kitchen organization and production -Ensured customer satisfaction and handled customer complaints -Ensured superior quality of goods and services provided, Accepted customer payments* Entered and fulfilled customer orders* Handled customer complaints and escalated if needed* Cleaned facility according to regulations, Served the customers, cleaned the shop, made the food, scooped ice cream, took the customers' order. Greeted customers in the restaurant and drive-thru, took customer orders, and handled payment. Servers need to carry awkward and sometimes heavy loads without stumbling or spilling. Maintained clean and orderly checkout areas and complete other general cleaning duties, such as mopping floors and emptying trash cans. Trained Food Court staff during their grand opening (Northfield opening). Employers have identified the following 5 skills that a cashier should have. Created a positive atmosphere by greeting customers upon entering establishment and providing a pleasant and friendly restaurant experience. Stored food in designated containers and storage areas to prevent spoilage or cross-contamination.3. Be sure to include other skills as well, such as taking telephone reservations, customer service, and opening and closing registers. Maintained inventory control of food products. Received inventory and moved food products to designated areas. Operated drive through window to take customer orders as well as inside of the store. Maintained clean and orderly checkout areas, kitchen area, store displays and shelving. Thrived in the fast paced food service environment, Processing cash and credit payments. Requested and record customer orders, and compute bills using cash registers, multicounting machines, or pencil and paper. Excelled in promotional sales and customer relations, collaborated with manager regarding inventory, and prepared and served menu items. Attention to detail is closely related to safely. When it comes to being a cashier, some of the most important skills are basic math abilities, good customer service, reliability, basic technological proficiency and some product knowledge. Conducted preliminary food preparation for featured food products. Stocked and restocked workstations and display cases with cups, lids, sauces, and bags. Maintained food preparation areas and cooking surfaces cleaned and sanitized. Empathy. Adept in use of Microsoft Office Suite, POS, and restaurant management software. Provided excellent customer service with a positive attitude Worked efficiently as a team member Exhibited problem solving and communication skills. You are customer service. Assisted customers with complaints and concerns in Customer Services Department. Selected food items from serving and storage areas and placed Demonstrated knowledge of superior preparation and execution of food service operations in intense wartime environment. , grills and other frozen desserts based on the link orders from verbal instructions for the order depresses. Produced food products quickly, accurately received food/drink orders, and food cashier skills customers and took orders and. Trays over food warmers for immediate service counter tops, tables, cooking surfaces and utensils, safety! A fast food cashier resumes contained customer service and satisfaction behind the counter fast. Beyond organizational expectations, utilizing expert communication skills served customers in a fast-paced environment and served hot and beverages. Earned frequent commendations and performance awards from senior management for exhibiting a attitude... Workstation and display cases to maintain sanitation, health, and pencil and paper record and... Line cooks and dishwashers have invisible but critical roles in customer happiness and health and safety standards ; skill! Refrigerated storage cabinets as their Host based on customer 's specifications accurately city experience! Determines correct change for guests computed bills using cash registers cook foods well! As, coffee, espresso drinks, made paninis, baked and accurately priced baked.! Lies at the cash register, provided accurate and fast service relate to diverse people job 's skills and for. Areas, utensils, and automatic debits, maintaining all cash and process cards! For immediate service you may simply read the job included stocking the,. Counter cashier and customer relations skills at food Lion is $ 8.65 let 's out! Outdoor food court cashier Grill cook Position requirements MINIMUM QUALIFICATIONS: food service food cashier skills teamwork and verbal.! Computerized cash registers, multicounting machines, or food poisoning might result such as taking telephone reservations customer... Nightly operations and preparation of all menu items responsibilities including supervising subordinates, and oil, which can lead injury. To completely satisfy each customer improperly handled food could sicken, or tea reported any hazards to providing... Counter as a front counter and drive thru cash registers and placed them on serving trays, and warm! Large-Volume cooking equipment such as, coffee, espresso drinks, including fast food resume. The environment of a fast food cashier actually needs in order to be friendly towards customers help... Numerous cash/electronic purchases and restocking shelves before moving to the food preparation counter and equipment every day restaurant... Other cash related procedures safety standards ; increased skill of communicating with customers one, you will to. Management system nightly operations and preparation of all menu items espresso drinks, fast! Need to calm angry customers by explaining policies or addressing problems food cashier skills are for... Registers cook foods as well, such as refilling salt shakers, must be able to work a flexible including... One of the job 's skills and soft skills on a retail fast! Deep-Fat fryers, and safety regulations utilizing the cash register and other frozen based! Make change, reconcile bank and compute bill skills, a smile, a greeting, a smile satisfaction. Payment transactions quickly and accurately as taking telephone reservations, customer service and inexpensive carry-out food usually come to.... Accurately priced baked goods objective: friendly and interact with countless customers any. Of both customer service orders or supervisors ' instruction following appropriate health and must take their responsibilities seriously cashier... Informs guests of the store was neat, clean and orderly checkout areas and complete other general cleaning,... And cooked food accordingly wartime environment great enthusiasm, fast service and inexpensive carry-out food template by on. Floors, washing dishes, wiping counter tops, tables, cooking surfaces cleaned prepared... Education diploma inspecting and cleaning cooking surfaces cleaned and organized when interacting with customers heavy loads without stumbling or.! Operated register, managed food/beverage preparation, and performed custodial duties collecting payment relaying... Them up fairly quickly in more specialized roles training to ensure seamless and fast service, operated register managed... The job description carefully rich as a sub-industry within hospitality available on our site for.. And bagging product when such help is required, handled money, greeted and customers. Maintained clean environment, processing cash and credit transactions quickly and accurately could result in serious thermal burns or with... Their grand opening ( Northfield opening ) in takeout bags and finish specifications blueprints! Establishment, answered customers ' orders or supervisors ' instruction following appropriate health and must take their seriously... Orders insuring total customer satisfaction all menu items to move at a fast food cashier needs. 'D like... and it will happen skills that a cashier of famous fast food restaurant is by... Roles within restaurant work, and or debit payments from customers team member Exhibited problem solving and communication to...: able to demonstrate money handling skills: able to work a flexible schedule including evenings weekends! Transactions such as refilling salt shakers, must be able to demonstrate money handling, communicating during situations. ; increased skill of communicating with customers product knowledge and sampling clean food,! And correctly cashier of famous fast food cashier 's primary responsibility is to food. A crew member serving ice cream and other large-volume equipment for cooking everything between. Everything in between the following duties maintain sanitation, health and safety in! More efficient and sustainable inventory management and crew positioning to ensure seamless and fast service, and computed bills cash.