Netflix Feign Client. Thanks to it, we can build HTTP client easily without any boilerplate code and in a very concise way.Spring also has a special module with Feign Client so using both is much more easy. For a step by step series of video lessons, please check this page: Spring Boot Microservices and Spring Cloud. #Spring #Cloud #tutorial using feign #rest client, Eureka server and #REST microservice using Spring Cloud #java framework. Prev. HI! We wrote an integration test and made sure our Feign Client works correctly with the client-side load balancing provided by Ribbon. This value is the name of the service registered using Eureka for discovery. I have a Spring boot application which uses Feign to call an external web service via Eureka. Of course, don’t forget to add mavenLocal as a repository. 0. Latest commit c2974ae Nov 4, 2019 History. Create Feign Client. Spring Cloud – Web context root aware Zuul Eureka service calls [code bit] Spring Cloud – Manual Feign client setup [code bit] 01 June 2017. After creating the project, open the build. We next define a Feign Client by creating an interface with @FeignClient annotation. Please note the use of @FeignClient annotation which accepts the name albums-ws under which the destination Microservice is registered with Eureka Discovery Service. Creating New Spring Boot Project. In this article, I’d like to show you how to configure Feign Client in Spring Boot application.Feign is a Java to HTTP client binder inspired by Retrofit among others. We also specify the name value as "employee-producer". It will be a simple Spring Boot app with Eureka client and a very simple controller. You can use Feign client to make HTTP Requests to a registered with Eureka Discovery Service Microservice or to an external RESTful Web Service. We define the method call to be made to consume the REST service exposed by the employee-producer module. 4 contributors Users who have contributed to this file 70 lines (63 sloc) 2.04 KB Raw Blame