Information about Opinions. The South Carolina Supreme Court found there were two methods used to determine whether a winning bid at a foreclosure is grossly inadequate. 218 U.S. 161. United States v. Carolene Products Co., 304 U.S. 144, 152, 58 S.Ct. Argued April 20, 21, 1910. Where to Obtain Supreme Court Opinions. While it did not draw a bright-line rule requiring the use of one method over the other, here, Regime took no affirmative steps to assume the Hales' mortgage. U.S. Supreme Court Franklin v. South Carolina, 218 U.S. 161 (1910) Franklin v. South Carolina. ERROR TO THE SUPREME COURT OF THE STATE OF SOUTH CAROLINA Syllabus On Wednesday, the South Carolina Supreme Court published four opinions: Hartzell v.Palmetto Collison, Brock v. Town of Mount Pleasant, Teamer v. State, and State v. Beekman.. Supreme Court. 164. Through 107 U.S. (PDF) South Carolina Coastal Council, 309 S.C. 424, 424 S.E.2d 484 (1992): This opinion and its predecessor, which was reversed by the United States Supreme Court, Lucas v. South Carolina Coastal Council, 304 S.C. 376, 404 S.E.2d 895 (1991), reviewed by 505 U.S. 1003, 112 S.Ct. The issue becomes one of law however for the court to decide where the evidence gives rise to but one reasonable inference. Both, Zeigler, the deceased, and Fender, his fellow employee, were employed as agents of the South Carolina Law Enforcement Division which has its headquarters near Columbia, South Carolina. No. Supreme Court of South Carolina cases by year. Supreme Court. 778, 783, 82 L.Ed. 2021 (2) 2020 (97) 2019 (155) 2018 (196) 2017 (125) 2016 (268) 2015 (322) 2014 (314) 2013 (264) 2012 (232) 2011 (254) 2010 (190) South Carolina. The Supreme Court granted the request to hear the case in its original jurisdiction, declined to dismiss on grounds raised by the South Carolina Republican Party, but dismissed on alternate grounds: the case did not present a justiciable controversy. The South Carolina Supreme Court's decision to defer to legislative judgments in the absence of a challenge from petitioner comports with one of this Court's oldest maxims: "the existence of facts supporting the legislative judgment is to be presumed." Electronic versions of the bound volumes are posted on this website. The Supreme Court on Monday granted a request from South Carolina Republicans to reinstate the state's witness-signature requirement on absentee ballots pending appeal. Dates of Early Supreme Court Decisions and Arguments: 2 Dall. Decided May 31, 1910. FindLaw provides searchable database of the SC Cases : SC Court Opinions - SC Court Decisions SC Court Cases: Find SC Opinions at FindLaw Internet Explorer 11 is no longer supported. The South Carolina Republican Party was granted permission to intervene, and moved to dismiss. All opinions are later compiled and printed in the United States Reports, the Court’s official publication. Cabiness-v.-Town-of-James-Island,-Supreme-Court-of-South-Carolina,-Opinion-No.-26989 6/20/2011 This appeal is the culmination of the Town of James Island’s third attempt to incorporate into its own municipal body.