Alliums are striking ornamental flowers that will begin to flower towards the end of Spring as the foliage is dying down. These paper alternatives are handmade from hundreds of tiny paper flowers, forming the globe flower head. Verbena canadensis . Hardiness: 4 - 9 Sun: Full Sun . Other common names Dutch garlic 'Purple Sensation' . Type: Bulb Family: Amaryllidaceae Zone: 4 to 9 Height: 2.00 to 2.50 feet Spread: 0.50 to 0.75 feet Bloom Time: May to June Bloom Description: Purple Sun: Full sun to part shade Water: Dry to medium Maintenance: Low Flower: Showy, Good Cut, Good Dried. Qty Per Unit: 100. In de winkelwagen + 25x Grootbloemige krokus Crocus 'Jeanne d'Arc' wit. The leaves are hardly noticeable, so they work well planted behind other perennials with more attractive leaves. A. hollandicum 'Purple Sensation' is one of the most popular and has been given an Award of Garden Merit (H4). A. hollandicum is a species commonly referred to as Persian onion or Dutch garlic, that features several purple cultivars. The raspberry-purple flower heads measure 3 to 4” in diameter and have slender, 24 to 30-inch stems. It features four-inch blooms on 12-inch scapes. Season: Spring (Late) Summer (Early) Height: 2' - 3' (60cm – 90cm) Spread: 1' - 2' (30cm – 60cm) Fragrant: Fragrant . Add to Any Collection My Collection. Crocus vernus 'Jeanne d'Arc' €5,99. Pat J. These lovely allium Woodland bulbs® 10 x Allium Bulbs ‘Purple Sensation’ Spring Flowering Bulbs - Garden Perennials Plants Bulbs Flowers - Perfect for Bees - Plant in Flowerbeds & Boarders (Free UK P&P) 4.2 out of 5 stars 40. Be sure to plant Purple Sensation Allium among other perennials that have good structure like Phlomis russeliana or 'Moonshine' Yarrow for Allium Purple Sensation to look its best. Allium hollandicum is often confused with: Allium aflatunense. Alium or Allium Purple Sensation are tall purple spheres that add height and colour to your garden. Violet purple, with baseball sized heads . Attracts: Butterflies. Largest online collection of top quality Allium flower bulbs, fresh form our farm in Holland. In mid-summer, spheres of rich purple flowers- each about the size of a tennis ball- bloom on top of strong stalks. Synonyms Allium aflatunense 'Purple Sensation' Allium 'Purple Sensation' . It makes quite a splash in the late-spring garden, and looks positively stunning as a container planting. Just like its edible cousins in the allium family, 'Purple Sensation' can fall prey to pests and diseases such as white rot and onion fly. Salvia rosmarinus. A striking, spring flower. The tall flowers of Allium ‘Purple Sensation’ appear in summer, showing off rounded heads full of deep violet flowers. Reaching nearly 1m in height these are a wonderful addition to any dry garden. ‘Purple Sensation’. Allium aflatunense Purple Sensation Considered by many to be the Perfect Ornamental Onion WE CARRY TOP SIZE, TOP QUALITY AND OVERALL BETTER BULBS FOR YOUR BUCK! Common Name(s): Dutch Garlic; Ornamental Onion; Persian Onion; Phonetic Spelling AL-ee-um hol-LAN-dih-kum Description. Being made up of many smaller flowers, the flower heads will last for weeks in your garden or vase. In de winkelwagen + Actie. Genus Allium are bulbous herbaceous perennials with a strong onion or garlic scent, linear, strap-shaped or cylindrical basal leaves and star-shaped or bell-shaped flowers in an umbel on a leafless stem 50x Mini-narcissen Narcissus - Mix 'The Miniatures' Narcissus vanaf Normale prijs €13,99. 95. Interplanted with Red Impression Tulips and Frittilaria Rubra Maxima, they extended the show and kept the voles away from the tulips bulbs. Plants that fill a similar niche: Thymus vulgaris. 20-30" tall. Common Name: ornamental onion . The globes are Muscari armeniacum Normale prijs €3,99. The flowers bloom in the spring. I planted these last fall. Allium hollandicum 'Purple Sensation' (Ornamental Onion) Add to Collection. Purple Sensation Allium boasts a unique form, a stately 30 in. £8.95 £ 8. Allium's amazing purple balls of color burst onto the scene in The Big Little Garden in spring of 2018. BUY IT NOW, PRICE BREAK ON QUANTITY!!! Plant the bulbs in the autumn. These lovely allium Height: 70-90. These unique purple spheres are long lasting and easy to grow. ‘Purple Sensation’ and A. christophii and flowers around mid December for us, just after A. In stock on November 19, 2020. This is the first of the large flowering alliums to bloom in spring, and the effect is electrifying. These ornamental onions produce spherical umbels on single stalks in spring and summer, in a wide variety of sizes and colours, ranging from white (Allium 'Mont Blanc'), blue (A. caeruleum), to yellow and purple (A. giganteum). A vivid bloomer, Purple Sensation prefers full sun but will also share its amazing color in partly shaded areas. Be sure to plant among other perennials that also have good structure. These Allium Purple Sensation - Allium Bulbs will be wonderful located in containers, beds and borders in various of your garden. Flower co lour varies from lilac through to purple and indeed ‘Purple Sensation’ is one of the darker flowering cultivars offered for sale in Australia. Alliums are members of the onion family, their globe like flower heads are made up from a cluster of individual florets. The 'Purple Sensation' adorns the garden with deep purple, spherical flowers on long sturdy stems. When these bulbs have produced fully grown plants they’ll create massive impact. Purple Sensation: the 2″ to 4″ diameter purple globes bloom in early June, right after the late tulips. Allium 'Purple Sensation' Photograph: Alamy • Lollipop varieties such as 'Purple Sensation' (90cm) look great in meadows, combined with cow parsley, poppies or ox-eye daisies. Blooming Time: 6. Planted them all over my gardens. More Images. 5 BULBS * 10 BULBS * 20 BULBS * 40 BULBS OR 80 BULBS Deep dark-purple. ALLIUM PURPLE SENSATION. Purple Sensation allium is a very easy ornamental onion to grow. Allium 'Purple Sensation' vanaf €5,99. ALLIUM PURPLE RAIN Pack of 2 $ 9.70 Sold/Out of Season Allium. FREE Delivery. Alliums prefer a full sun position in well drained soil. SKU: 14640 Category: Allium Tags: Allium, flower time: 6, purple. Add excitement to your garden with Allium Purple Sensation. Allium Purple Sensation's bright magenta florets are held in 4-5 inch globe-forming clusters, rising 20 inches atop tall, straight stems. A. cristophii, commonly known as star of Persia, is the parent of several ornamental allium favorites. Planting Depth: 10-12. Allium aflatunense Purple Sensation will cause a sensation in your garden when the large 4" violet-purple flowers begin to appear. Height: 90cm. Add to Any Collection My Collection. For a magical spring garden! It’s best to remove the immature seed-heads as the seedlings tend to have paler flowers. Purple Sensation's sturdy stems rise 24″ to 30″ high, so the flowers appear to float above the foliage of newly emerging perennials. Try and hide the leave behind other spring emerging plants, like daylilies. Add excitement to your garden with Allium Purple Sensation. H x S: 80cm x 30cm. Purple Sensation Allium blooms with large 4” violet-purple globe shaped flowers on tall stems that appear just before spring. They are just opening in my VT garden. It holds the prestigious RHS Award of Garden Merit, which means it is easy to grow and has strong garden performance. Alium are easy to grow and deer resistant. COVID 19: we are operating as normal - see our Christmas delivery info here. One of the best and most majestic Alliums for your late-spring garden, 'Purple Sensation' is a sun-loving, drought-tolerant variety producing spectacular lilac-purple flowers up to 15cm (6in) in diameter. H to 36 in. These unique purple spheres are long lasting and easy to grow. Makes an exceptional addition to cut-flower arrangements and bold, stylized bouquets, too. Purple Sensation earns its name in the garden even in poor soil. Allium hollandicum. - Milton, VT - on June 17, 2020. This globe is then mounted onto a mouldable wire stem. This is my first year growing Alliums. Allium Purple Sensation was a huge success in the garden this season! Additional information Reviews (0) Additional information. They look fabulous with the iris and tree peonies! They are great pollinators plants and are deer resistant. Allium aflatunense (Purple Sensation Chive) Allium. Read More. Available in a wide array of sizes and shades of blue, purple, white and even yellow, alliums are planted as bulbs in autumn (although some, such as Allium … Allium … The bulbs are modestly priced, multiply over time, and are easy to interplant among other perennials. In de winkelwagen + 30x Blauwe + witte druifjes Muscari armeniacum blauw-wit . BUY Allium Purple Sensation. Dozens of 'Miami', 'Mars', 'Purple Sensation', 'Firmament', 'Flavum',and 'Graceful' bulbs had been planted in the fall of 2017, adding to an earlier experimentation with the varieties 'Christophii' and 'Sphaerocephalon'. Allium Purple Sensation $ 0.00. The flowers are very unifom, spherical, and tidy-looking. The Purple Sensation allium bridges the gap between spring and early summer-flowering perennials. Tweet this Page Share on Facebook. It blooms with eight-inch violet-purple flowers atop 12 to 18-inch stalks. Size : 12/14. The flower stalks reach about two feet tall and are topped with a two-to-four-inch globe of bright purple flowers. H and brilliant lilac-purple flower heads. 5 BULBS * 10 BULBS * 20 BULBS * 40 BULBS OR 80 BULBS Deep dark-purple. Purple Sensation tends to be a long-lived bulb, but its leaves tend to get yellow or brown quite early, which can detract from the fabulous flowers. Alium are easy to grow and deer resistant. Allium ‘Purple Rain’ has open, starry umbels up to 17cm across. Allium aflatunense Purple Sensation Considered by many to be the Perfect Ornamental Onion WE CARRY TOP SIZE, TOP QUALITY AND OVERALL BETTER BULBS FOR YOUR BUCK! Colour: purple. Allium 'Purple Sensation' Back to Previous Page. A fantastic nectar source for the bees, but unappealing to deer. Plant them in groups of three in the middle of the perennial border for a dramatic show. Family Alliaceae . In well-drained soil. Click Login/Register to order. Buy Allium bulbs such as Allium Globemaster, Purple Sensation, Giganteum, Gladiator, Mount Everest and more online at wholesale pricing. If you're just getting started with alliums, you might want to begin with the most popular and earliest-blooming variety: Allium aflatunense ‘Purple Sensation’ (shown below). Allium ‘Purple Rain’ is a hybrid of A. Beautiful in a border or as a cut flower in a beautiful bouquet! The flowers attract pollinators. Spread: 30cm. 'Purple Sensation' is a richer purple and more consistent in colour than the species. Allium karataviense 'Ivory Queen' (Turkestan Onion) Add to Collection. BUY IT NOW, PRICE BREAK ON QUANTITY!!! One of the taller growing species, Allium aflatunense with large globe like flowers in spring is sometimes referred to as the giant allium.