What is the difference between .45ACP and .45 Colt? Unfortunately, these two cartridges are so similar in performance that determining a clear winner is tough. Small primers became standard to contain the pressures at the primer more effectively. Two 45 carry guns were a Kimber CDP with the 4-inch barrel and a Remington R1 with 5-inch barrel in 45 ACP. In this case, the .45 Colt has a velocity of 920 feet-per-second (fps), while the .45 Auto has a muzzle velocity of 1,000. Same bullet diameter (.451), with the .45 Colt or so-called “Long Colt” revolver round (It’s cartridge was longer than the .45 Schofield) a few feet per second slower but with an extra 20 grains of lead. i was online all day trying to differentiate the two. The ACP and the GAP show the type of the pistol used. To end that dispute there is a simple answer! Does that make it a superior cartridge? A single .45 ACP round, fired by John Moses Browning from the grave, destroyed the Ploesti Oil Refineries back in World War II, thereby making additional and … Largely seen as the quintessential western round, it was first made as a black powder round through a partnership between Colt and the Union Metallic Company. 45 ACP typically uses a 230 grain projectile, the 45 Colt 250 grains. 45 Colt reloading data should be followed and can be found on line or in most all of the reloading schedules that can be purchased today. But for many of us our 45 ACP pistols are 1911s. The .45 ACP is a rimless round, that’s a decent amount shorter, as it is meant to be used in semi-automatic pistols. Between the .45 Long Colt vs 45 ACP cartridges, there’s over two and a half centuries of combined history. As with other big bores, with ACP and Colt 45s, bullet weight isn't as important. The obvious topic for discussion here is the .45 ACP. Colt Defender .45 ACP Specifications: * Caliber: .45 ACP * Barrel: 3 inches * OA Length: 6.75 inches * Weight: 24 ounces (empty) * Grips: Rubber * Sights: Novak Low Mount Carry * Action: SA * Finish: Stainless slide, Cerakote frame * Capacity: 7+1 * MSRP: $1,098. The heavier cast lead SWC bullets intended for the.45 Colt usually do not work too well in ACP cartridges. The .45 ACP is a ubiquitous cartridge with a long history. Bigfoot Gun Belt Review: A Sturdy Companion To Withstand The Stresses Of Daily Wear, The 7 Best Gun Belt Options For A Comfortable Carry On Your Person, Nine Amazing Facts You Didn’t Know About How A Gun Works, How Old Do You Have to Be to Buy A Gun? Prior to Sam’s big invention, he had already changed the gun world with his invention and production of the Single Action Colt .45 pistol and the matching Colt .45 rifle. This was on page two of Google. Colt 1911 Officiers ACP. .357 Magnum is another thing entirely, but I don't shoot it well. 45 Colt vs 45 Long Colt – a 45 Caliber Debate Over Nothing, iStock tamjkelly 511743062. The cartridges in this photo, from left to right, are 45 Colt, 45 Schofield, 45 Cowboy Special, 45 Auto Rim, and 45 ACP. The .45 ACP cannot be relied on to bring down medium sized game animals like deer where as the .357 Magnum (with the right bullets and load) is … To answer your question,.45 ACP bullets can be used in.45 Colt cartridges. 45 ACP is very similar, with a 230 grain (gr) lead bullet that travels at … It’s likely that you’ll see similar results on store shelves. Do not interchange the cartridges. .45Colt is a great all purpose round and can be hand loaded to use for almost any purpose. Thanks a bunch.Getting ready to reload some 45 app.Now no worries about the cases being the wrong ones. I guess the cautions about doing conversions is that the black powder frames are not built for smokeless pressure. The buffalo bore is T-Rex […] The .45 Colt will not eject properly (or load properly) in the .45 ACP SA handgun. It is still a highly effective round for personal protection, and is found in homes and concealed-carry weapons across the country. I have three 1911s and one regular 45 ACP. He therefore didn’t object when his client decided to name their new round the .45 Colt Auto… Both pistols use different calibers but the same diameter of bullets (0.452 in). Seit einigen Jahren hat das US-Unternehmen die Pistole nun wieder in unterschiedlichen Versionen im Programm. The 45 Magnum being referred to is the 45 Short Magnum Cartridge (SMC). And it was chambered in .45 ACP. Hornady makes Critical Defense rounds for both cartridges, and the .45 Colt is actually slightly cheaper. Colt Combat Elite 45 ACP Centerfire Pistol. The .45 Colt is an outstanding caliber. The "long Colt" is quite a bit longer than the ACP. The .45 ACP pistol cartridge is popular in the United States. or at least Al Gore’s house for a long weekend. I was hopping to be able to use the same ammo in my springfield semiauto 45 and a henry lever action but that does not seem to be. The year was 1873 and Colt's latest handgun, the Model P (aka as the Single Action Army Revolver of 1873) was just … Comparing the two can be tough, largely because their performances are so similar. I guess the cautions about doing conversions is that the black powder frames are not built for smokeless pressure. The Colt Defender™ offers power and performance every time. But in comparable products, it appears the .45 Colt may have an advantage. Originally a black powder round by necessity, the U.S. Army adopted 45 Long Colt … The 45 ACP is only equal to the 45Colt if the colt is downloaded. Sein Kaliber (Geschossdurchmesser) beträgt 0,45 Zoll oder umgerechnet 11,43 mm. But I still love the .45-70 Government. Historically, the .45 ACP was specifically designed for the US Army to be a knock down round at short distances; intended to put a man down with just a couple of shots and the impact on the masonry that you see in the video clearly shows this. First, the .45 ACP. The .45 ACP case was originally designed to be loaded with smokeless powder. Older Colt revolvers in.45 Colt had bore diameters of.454" while.45 ACP had a bore diameter of.451". (Emphasis on abuse). The maximum average chamber pressure of the .45 ACP is 21,000 psi vs. 14,000 for .45 Colt. Kaliber: 45Auto Zustand: gebraucht Anbieter: Georg Knappworst GmbH & Co. KG Stefan Knappworst 295,00 EUR* 1. Now available in 9mm and the classic .45 ACP, this package is an excellent choice for concealed carry. 45 ACP was designed to come close to duplicating standard military black powder loads in 45 Colt. The .45 ACP is not the only round with multiple names. Somewhere along the lines of time, the standard Colt.45 round became known as the “.45 Long Colt” to differentiate between the two. OUT OF STOCK (5) Kimber 1911 Rapide .45 ACP 5" … SHIPPING, PACKAGING, AND PRODUCT, ON US! This prototype ultimately became the infamous 1911 model that changed the way firearms were made and functioned up until this very day. Dieser wurde von vorne in die Hülse eingeschoben und mit … Die .45-Long-Colt-Zentralfeuerpatrone wurde mit dem Colt Single Action Army im Jahre 1873 als Ordonnanz der US-Armee angenommen.Sie hatte eine Kupferhülse mit einem innenliegenden Benét-Zünder (Patent Benét). Bill Wilson of Wilson Combat: 9mm vs. .45 ACP 1911s Bill Wilson, the founder of Wilson Combat, has been a fan of 9mm 1911s for years, as you can tell from his company’s extensive line. Legendary cartridges usually have a legendary firearm. 7 rounds from a Rossi Mare's Leg and 6 rounds for my Ruger Vaquero. That is really the only advantage until you reach Ruger Only Loads. 45 ACP vs 45 GAP Pistols. Well the truth of the matter is that THERE IS NO DIFFERENCE! .357 Magnum is another thing entirely, but I don't shoot it well. These cartridges have seen it all, from casual target shooting to all-out war. When we’re talking about “.45 ACP Pistols”, here’s what we mean: 45-caliber Automatic Colt One-Hand Firearm…. While Mr. Browning designed a great many firearms for his own company, he was not ungracious toward Colt whom he worked for as well. 45 Long Colt remains popular for use by hunters and sport-shooters, and can be relied on to drop deer, black bear, and other game animals. To fairly compare cartridges , it’s best to look at products that are as similar as possible. I’m sure that you will have enough information to find out what is better for your demands. Apples n oranges: The .45 acp is a short, rimless round of some .454" diameter and relatively 'weak' compared to the .45 Colt. Notify Me When Available. The 225 jacketed soft point .45 Colts compare closely to the full metal jacket round in .45 Auto. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. To end that dispute there is a simple answer! So popular, it could wear the title “America’s Cartridge.” It is synonymous with power and the all-American philosophy, “More is Better.” Like our muscle cars, it is big, hard to handle, and unapologetic. The Difference Between 45 Long Colt vs. 45 ACP 45 Long Colt The 45 Long Colt was developed in 1872 in partnership by Colt and the Union Metallic Cartridge Company, which is now a subsidiary of Remington. A side-by-side comparison of two popular handgun calibers, the 45 Long Colt vs 45 ACP. is there a rifle that is chambered for 45acp? The .45 Colt (sometimes known as the .45 Long Colt) is a large (long) revolver round with a large rim to stay in the cylinder. The .45 Colt, on the other hand, is often more of a nostalgia piece. The .45 ACP generally delivers higher numbers but not so high that it overwhelms the .45 Colt. That .45 ACP ammo is more readily available than is .45 Colt might be why the .45 ACP conversion comes into play. Virtually identical ballistically. While neither of these cartridges are outrageously expensive, it appears .45 ACP ammo is the more affordable round. The .45 Colt smacks the FBI tests with authority, and delivers plenty of expansion. Its smaller capacity enables more efficient use of its powder space. Hence the name ACP. At the same spot I shot the 22 long rifle into Notch one win for the automatic. The .45 Long Colt is one of the most important cartridges in American history. Artikeldetails. Most of the ballistic testing I have seen comparing the penetration of various bullets and calibers would suggest that generally a .45ACP and 9mm are both quite comparable as far as penetration is concerned. Even with the extra weight of a suppressor attached the gun is still well balanced and easy to run with. Tom McHale review his choices for the most reliable and best performing 45 ACP ammo to carry loaded. Had it popped up on 1, it would have saved me a ton of time. If your major concern is Stopping Power I'd stay with the 45 ACP as it's easier and quicker to reload your gun when needed. The hunting handgun point is important. The difference between the .45 ACP and the .45 Colt round IS significant! Your email address will not be published. Both merged and use a 45 ACP length case with thicker case walls at the bottom of the case. Both have 185-grain projectiles and come from the same product line, providing excellent consistency. The .45-70 Government is to big, and its like for taking down buffalo's. The following ammunition cartridge ballistics information and chart can be used to approximately compare 9mm Luger (Parabellum) vs .45 Colt (LC Long Colt) ammo rounds. Sell your Revolver 45 Colt for FREE today on GunsAmerica! Today there is some confusion over the Colt.45 and the.45 Long Colt. Of late both use.451" diameter. Trying to crimp on these bullets turns the case mouth out and relaxes the neck tension on the bullet, resulting in errattic performance. Stopping power can be expected to be about the same, though every shooting is an individual event. OUT OF STOCK (36) Springfield Armory XDS .45 ACP 3.3" Essential. The Differences Between 44 Mag Vs 45 Colt The Design for Gunshots Using 44 Mag and 45 Colt . By the time the war came a… The .45 Automatic Colt Pistol (ACP) was released in 1911 as a replacement for the .38 Long Colt (not to be mistaken for .45 Long Colt), the .45 ACP was meant to have ballistic performance similar to the .45 Colt while delivering a higher carrying capacity to soldiers and law enforcement. © Copyright Ammotogo.com 2020 All Rights Reserved. So, not only is 45 ACP vs. 45 Auto the same exact cartridge, it’s also the same as 11.43x23mm or 11mm 43, or 11.25mm. But the .45-70 Government Round is more powerful. The .45 Colt has been around 140 years and will be around another 140 so long as Hilary Clinton isn’t elected president. The reason for the non-stop gelatin slaughter is. Two 45 carry guns were a Kimber CDP with the 4-inch barrel and a Remington R1 with 5-inch barrel in 45 ACP. So we just went through some of the most important factors for each cartridge and found that the .45 Auto was the winner in all of them. However, the highest per-round price also belonged to the .45 Auto. It was the round that drove the M1911, the standard United States Army sidearm for more than 70 years, including both World Wars and the Vietnam War. After successful military trials, it was adopted as the standard chambering for Colt's M1911 pistol. OUT OF STOCK (0) Springfield Armory XDS MOD 2 45acp 3.3" GEAR UP PACKAGE. The army decided in the early 1900s, before world war one, that they needed a heck of a lot more stopping power in their revolvers. For normal loads, the .45 Colt/.45 ACP can make just a slightly bigger hole in intended target. Brand: Colt. The .45 ACP offers excellent power, reliable accuracy, and consistent performance, making it ideal for almost any activity from hunting to personal protection to enjoyable shooting sports. The only commonality they share is the bullet diameter. I included other .45 and 9mm calibers in the title as I like .45 Colt a lot and I think the comparison of .45 Colt vs .38Spc is similar. Purpose designed as a man stopper, the .45 ACP has shined in the role for more than century. In the low to medium loads it's not much different in power level from many .45 ACP loads, but the higher end loads leave the ACP in the dust performance-wise. The 45 ACP is only equal to the 45Colt if the colt is downloaded. The gunsmith created the round for a new .45 caliber semi-automatic pistol that he was also designing for Colt. Shown is Wilson Combat’s 9mm X-TAC Compact. .44 Auto Mag 2000 Joule.45 Super.45 GAP 697 Joule 332–735 Joule.45 Winchester Magnum.50 GI.50 Action Express 1750-2160 Joule mm 4,6 × 30 mm 525 Joule 5,45 × 17,8 mm 120 - 130 Joule 5,45 × 18 mm 120 - 130 Joule 5,7 × 28 mm 538 Joule 6,35 mm Browning / .25 ACP 90 Joule 7-30 Waters 509 Joule 7,63 mm Mauser 480–510 Joule 7,65 × 21 mm Luger 410 Joule 7,65 mm long (French) 220 Joule 8 … The biggest difference is in the rim of the round. Required fields are marked *. Its also used in the "Taurus Judge" which takes either the .45 colt or a .410 shotgun shell. Die USA machte 1899 bei dem Aufstand auf den Philippinen die böse Erfahrung, dass der gerade eingeführte .38er Revolver in seiner Wirksamkeit weit hinter der abgelösten .45 Long Colt Revolverpatrone zurückstand. The reason for the non-stop gelatin slaughter is. Well a picture is worth a thousand words, right? Well, the ACP in .45 ACP stands for Automatic Colt Pistol, initially designed for Colt’s semi automatic 1911 model while, the .45 Colt was made for Colt’s single action Army pistol and the 45 Long Colt Rifle. Die Patrone .45 ACP, ist der direkte Nachkomme der legendären .45 Long Colt. Most know the story, at the turn of the 20th Century the .38 Long Colt had a poor showing against determined opponents in the Moro Rebellion. .45 Colt is the most versatile cartridge ever and if it’s a swing out cylinder revolver, the cylinder can be cut for moon clips and can shot .45 ACP. or at least Al Gore’s house for a long weekend. As Jeff Cooper observed long ago, the .45 ACP is the semiautomatic version of the .45 Colt the round that fed the Single Action Army, a cartridge that had proved its worth. It is interestingly designed to be as powerful as possible in military service revolvers. The buffalo bore is T-Rex […] But, let us not forget the .45 Colt, which has been seeing some resurgence. The .45 Colt (sometimes known as the .45 Long Colt) is a large (long) revolver round with a large rim to stay in the cylinder. The.45 Long Colt cartridge was first introduced after the Civil War and designed to be used in revolvers. The obvious topic for discussion here is the .45 ACP. Shooters often rely upon it for self-defense and personal protection, as well as recreational target shooting. However, there are certain differences that all gun owners should understand, especially the differences in firearms. Samuel Colt, may God be with him, designed the .45 ACP in 1904 for a prototype semi automatic pistol. The .45 Colt is an outstanding caliber. To discern the differences between the three, and the non difference between the later, a little history is in order. Bill The .45 Colt smacks the FBI tests with authority, and delivers plenty of expansion. Most rifles chambered for the .45 Colt use the long Colt. Ende der 1990er stellte Colt die Produktion von Commander und Combat Commander ein. Thank you. The cartridge headspaces properly and is ejected by the ejector star. American Eagle rounds from Federal Premium also provide a fair comparison. Then let continue to read our analysis and comparison between two cartridges 45 Colt versus 44 Mag. Kaliber: .45 ACP Zustand: 2 - gepflegt, leichte Gebrauchsspuren Anbieter: ACP Schützen & Sicherheitsbedarf Andreas Chlewinski. All of the 45 colt reloading components are readily available through either on line or brick and mortar stores, testifying to the genius of Samuel Colts’ design. .45 ACP. 44 Mag 45 Colt. This where a real difference in seen. Then Remington introduced the .45 Auto Rim cartridge, which is simply a .45 ACP with a revolver-like rim. Take the 9x19mm Parabellum as another example. He designed the Colt .45 rifle to use the same cartridge that the pistol used to eliminate the old west cowboys from having to carry two different types of ammunition. Der Munitionstyp .45 ACP („0.45 inch Automatic Colt Pistol“) wurde erstmals bei der US-amerikanischen Pistole Colt M1911 verwendet. Artikeldetails. NORINCO / NORCONIA 1911 A 1 Sport. They decided to use the Schofield ammunition because it could be used in both the Colt as well as the Smith and Wesson side arms that they issued at the time. It is normally loaded with a 250 grain lead bullet vs. the .45 acp's .230 FMJ bullet. It was designed by the famous John Browning in the early part of the 20th century. It is obvious in this photo how much thicker the rim is on the 45 AR than any of the other cartridges. Know the Laws and Requirements. Let your fellow shooters know – share this article using the Facebook, Twitter and other social media icons below.